Wednesday, 18 May 2011


So now the PC people are getting what they wanted, a retrial of the alleged killers of the black power activist Stephen Lawrence,"the black teenager who was murdered"
Why is his skin colour always mentioned? Is that not racist?

Would the law have been changed if the victim was white? I doubt it.

They had been acquitted before but a special new law was brought in to get them and sent the double jeapordy law which has served us well for centuries to the bin.

Now I do not condone violence let alone murder, but has there ever been a case when the law has been changed on the result of an acquittal or a new definition labelling an institution, the police as "institutionally racist"
The law has since been changed to disadvantage the true Brits, the inheritors of our islands in the interests of politicl correctness.

Yes these people may have been thugs, I don't know and neither does anybody else but is there evidence that they were racist?
If there was does that make any killing worse?

Will these two get a fair trial?
Why in the age of superinjunctions have they been mentioned? Double standards?
They have been assumed by the media already to be guilty before the trial, even though they were acquitted previously.

Why do the killings of black people by whites warrant more concern than vice versa?
Why was the torture and murder of Kris Donald not given more publicity?

Lawrence's parents have made a good living out of this case. I can understand their sorrow at the loss of their son but why does a white kid's death not matter as much?
Justice should be equal irrespective of colour and if these two accused are found guilty they should face the consequences, but I fear a stich up to satisfy the corrupt PC elite.

Beneath all this is a seething mass of disposessed British kids, increasingly sidelined who, because they are not free to express their opinions say nothing.

The sentiments are still there and someday they will erupt, possibly in a civil war.
The EDL are a portent for the future.

I do not agree with their tactics but sympathise with their views. I prefer taking our country back by means of the ballot box, but if we British are continually put at a disadvantage in OUR COUNTRY by the machinations of a corrupt liberal globalist "elite" someday the pot will boil over.

That is why I am as yet a member of the BNP.

Destroy our party and democratic voice and you will have civil war.
I don't want that but it will surely come if the denial of our rights and freedoms continue.



poppy said...

if stephen lawrences father had not sent him and his mother here to sponge off us tax payers this murder would NOT HAVE HAPPENED

Andyj said...

None of the witnesses could point to any of the accused. Now they are trying to say some clothing is cross contaminated with Lawrences DNA.
They have been talking about this same 'evidence' for over two years. The system needs blood and it doesn't care for its victims.

The more I've read about Lawrence, the more embarrassing this case is. He was a worthless bully. With an extensive form with the police. There was talk he robbed the Nan of one of the accused. And another tale, he raped a girl. For sure, him or his junkie mate was tagged and should not of been in the area at that time. I've heard a media statement say it was a turf war murder or a drug sale gone bad. The forums are full of such tales.

His memorials are still attacked. The building named after him has been put through around five times. One photo taken of a vandal showed a half caste male. Lawrence was hated to death and still is by the people who's knowledge of him was negative.

poppy said...

if the lawrence family wern,t leaching off the british taxpayers this murder would not have happened

Anonymous said...

"..........Destroy our party and democratic voice..............."

What a ridiculous comment! The BNP under Griffin is not democratic it's a dictatorship. Supporting Griffin, or the BNP while he is in charge, is to support a power mad dictator who has no interest either in democracy or our people. Nick Griffin cares only about Nick Griffin.

Lanky Patriot said...

In today's Daily Mail it is headlines which figures.
I read some time back that at the time of the murder Paul Dacre the Mail's editor would not have promoted this case until he found that Lawrence's father had done a plastering job for him (cash in hand? I don't know)and that is the reason for much of that paper's publicity of this case.
Lawrence senior does not look as if he has done much plastering of late and both parents saeem to have done well out of the publicity given to the murder of their "Black Power" son.

Gifted scholar my a**e. All blacks killed seem to fit that description.
He was a thug but did not deserve to die, but neither do the accused deserve another kangaroo court after being acquitted twice before because the victim was black.

In answer to anonymous re democracy and our democratic voice. Who said anything to suggest that the BNP is democratic?
We who have not jumped ship are working to make it so and do NOT believe the BNP and Nick Griffin are the same thing.

My warning remains however. We will have our democracy one way or another, both in the party and in the country.

Anonymous said...

"........We will have our democracy one way or another, both in the party and in the country....."

There simply isn't time to achieve both. While you waste time trying to free the BNP from Griffin's iron fist, you're not part of the greater struggle to save our country. If Griffin is ever deposed from his throne he will make sure there's nothing left of a once booming party (scorched earth policy).

So I guess you get 10 out of 10 for commitment, but 0 out of 10 for tactics.

Lanky Patriot said...

But you don't know my tactics.

They do not involve going to a fake Tory party in whose principles I do not believe, nor do you.
If I can not have a party which stands for MOST of my beliefs I will not bother at all until a truly patriotic BRITISH party emerges and then I will re engage.
I am alright whatever happens and do this only for my grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

".............fake Tory party in whose principles I do not believe, nor do you."

That's not what UKIP is. Although I do admit some of it's policies (especially its economic policies)are very Tory like. But in a democratic party these can be changed by reasonable debate. No independent minded person agrees with 100% of any party's policies, but with so little time left a coalition (even given it involves a wide range of the political opinions) must be the best bet for our country.

But good-luck anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they admit everything in the media about Steven Lawrence and his drug addict friend as much as the the dirt from the other side? He was a caught dealer was he not? His friend was a registered drug user. Here-say said he raped a girl. Another he robbed a Nan of one of the accused. The police were certain the witness stories over the stabbing contradicted each other.

***Witnesses were unable to identify any of the accused. ***
Now with 'new evidence'. They will prove conclusively the evidence bag was stored and handled in close proximity with poor isolation of the evidence.

Lawrence and his friend were quite well known by the police. One of the two had a court order banning them from being outside at that time and (If I'm correct), at that location. One of the two was tagged. Lawrence was a school bully and Black supremacist. His photo was edited to not show his arm doing the black power salute. The litany of stories against him are incredible!

His memorials both on the street and the buildings have been vandalised many times. Do you think the murderers or accomplices done this? Some people hated him to death so it must of been something very serious he has done. One vandal on video was apparently a half caste.

A media hack did make the statement it was a drug turf stabbing or a deal gone wrong. I only wonder if this man still has a job in the media. This Lawrence business must of cost the taxpayers countless millions by now. I wonder if any of these victims cases below cost anything like as much?
Courtesy of a tiny minority:

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Try having a "resonable debate" with Farage.

Andyj said...

Farage also sacks those who question him. Even Marta done a runner when she got the low-down on him.
The BNP has ex UKIP in its ranks, a few are held in regard, including us in Wigan.

Imagining that Griffin will 'scorch Earth' the party if he faces being deposed will only end him. There are a LOT of people between him and the party as a body political.

Anon's statement in this case is nothing more than his flight of fancy. It's not as though he personally knows the man!