Thursday, 7 April 2011


To the far left of the screen at 2mins 50secs you can see Martin Smith SWP/UAF SCUM with a Steward, who Smith hands out quite a bit of cash to, and a FAT BLOKE with a Blue shirt on and Black Hoodie (The same shirt that he has worn everytime the SCUM tried to disrupt our Tabletops in Wigan and Ashton Town Centres), does anyone know who he is ?


Durotrigan said...

Well spotted! I get the feeling that whoever took this footage didn't want us to see Smith doling out the cash, as he appears at the very edge of the frame. What was this money for? It couldn't have been for a cab home, as all of the Muslim taxi drivers were on strike were they not?

I don't recognise the athletically-challenged individual in the undersized t-shirt. Generally speaking, I'm all in favour of saving whales, but as for this one, well . . . Sharpen your harpoons lads! Only kidding of course.

Andyj said...

Well spotted! Martin Smithski palming cash out to a pensioner. I wonder if the tax man knows?

I can't imagine anyone coming back for another afternoons entertainment. It was doing my highly cultured head in!!!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Did you notice? He isn't half sticking close to Smiffy.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Where Herr Smidt goes ... he goes ... but he's more interested in what's going on around and about. Bodyguard?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

The bloke with the blue shirt - bloke we know from our Wigan paper sales.

The "athletically challenged" bloke.