Tuesday, 12 April 2011



fifth column said...

Now we'll see whether a quiet eye is being kept.

The audit is going to be rather funny and extremely satisfying!!!

Andyj said...

A new angle!
Shows the police were stirring a ruckuss, using assault and pain to stop order and control by the British Constitution Group who lawfully gained control of the court.

Too many noisy ego's. Makes you wonder what side they really stand on :(

Just Woke Up said...

This was just the BCG testing the water, so to speak. Over 600 decent and ordinary people turned up on the day not knowing what the event but trusting other Freemen and Sovereigns. You see, a Freeman or Sovereign will do what he can to defend other Freemen and Sovereigns.

Okay, it was a bit loud and some people have to learn what the difference is between protest and 'event' but overall it was entirely peaceful, the cops on the whole were respectful of the people there and we didn't give them anything in the way of violence or damage to 'respond to'. A few individuals tried to hijack the glory all for themselves but this is being dealt with and won't happen again. This was purely a BCG event (citizen's arrest of a judge committing fraud and treason).

More 'events' planned, folks. :) The lesson has been learned and unless infiltrators try to wreck things the events will be far more organised and professional. The scale of these 'events' will also increase.

Two senior judges were overhead a few days after the arrest saying that "it had to happen". The judges know what they are doing and know that we have them bang to rights on all charges of fraud and treason. The only shock is how we've let the buggers get away with their judicial fraud for so long? This has dented their egos and has them very worried indeed. Information coming into the BCG from our 'friends in high places' confirms this. And, FYI, the BCG has a lot of well positioned friends supplying inside info....

Watch this space and if you haven't joined or at least support the British Constitution Group....err....why not? If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Just Woke Up said...

As I said to a very nice policeman on the day when he asked who were..."we are your lovers, your partners, your fathers, your mothers, you brothers, your sisters, your children, your friends, your neighbours, your workmates. We are just saying enough is enough and asking you to do the job we pay you to do and you promised to do in your Oath."

Just to clarify. What the Freeman Movement, Lawful Rebellion, and the BCG are doing transcends politics. We are trying to repair the damage and get the UK train back on its proper tracks. All done completely lawfully and completely peacefully. The guys who want to dictate our lives to us and make the very air we breathe taxable can only respond to violence and damage.

There are people from all walks of life in the movement. Lawful Rebellion is your duty under Magna Carta 1215, section 61. Its in your town, your city, your village.

We DO have a written and traditional Constitution in this country. Have no doubt of that. It is there to limit power of tyrannical Govts and to empower us as people. This is why successive governments have done their damnedest to try and repeal and subvert our LAWFUL Constitution and impose UNLAWFUL statutes on us, claiming these are LAWS. Common Law is our inalienable Law. It has precedent and guarantees us justice and peace. If people don't join with us and at least become knowledgeable in what we are doing then your constitutional freedoms, liberties, and protections will be replaced by lord alone knows what dictated by a foreign power. Knowledge is power and the hundreds of thousands of individual rebels out there are learning fast and sharing that information for YOU to learn and protect yourself and your families.

Start you personal journey of awakening (switch off the bloody TV) by visiting TPUC.org, FMOTL.com, http://www.freedomnorthwest.socialgo.com/, and the myriad of us resources that good people just like you have created for no money just to share what they have learned about this country and how we are being royally ****ed up the backside by traitors.

Like the tea party in the USA its not what we are for that unites us; its what we are against. Let us return honour, and truth, and freedom, and Democracy, and Justice to these lands then worry about politics. Good job the state is building all those new prisons. They'll be needed when we start our Treason trials!

Watch this space.....

Andyj said...

£12/yr. For the BCG is no great sum.

The BCG will have to start preselecting who turns up to maintain order. No doubt plain clothes police are joining up right now on behest of their masters.

I'm heartened Corpus Juris cannot survive in England due to our Magna Carter, treason laws, Fraud and Bill of Rights.

Whether justice will prevail in the face of "might is right" as the politicians second option... We'll see.

Anonymous said...

British Constitution Group,

Why ?

Do you not just join The British National Party ?

Read the FULL MANIFESTO, not just the BBC media tripe.

You will be surprised, we are not a one band Party, we do have opinions on The EU, The Economy, Housing, environment, etc.

Then, try and accuse British National Party of being Right wing ! as the Bias BBC does.

The British National Party have a MAJOR flaw, they tell the truth,
they are not PC, they want out of Europe, they defend our Christian Beliefs, our Heritage, and way of life.

If that makes me Right wing, I will not give in to certain fractions, undermining our Land.

Anonymous said...

Just Woke Up said - Agree,

But time is not on our side, birth
rates, among Muslims, is far higher then the English Brits, ( Migration Watch ).

Not British National Party
lies, Migration Watch is INDEPENDENT.

ALL NATIONALISTS should, stop being selfish, stop petty quarrels and join and unite, for the sake of our Children, Culture, and Freedoms. time is short.

Andyj said...

To Anonymous,
I AM a member of the BNP. Maybe... I rejoined via the website but got nothing in the post, yet.

I'm not beholden to third party liars and yes, I have read the manifesto, a few times.

The BCG is non party. It holds the only legal and lawful redress on how to exit the EU.

Members of the BNP back them. You will see some prominent BNP members helping out at the Wirral court case - where they tried to arrest the judge and are also running proceedings against the Chief Constable of Merseyside.

*IF* the BNP inner circle proscribe the BCG we will know they do not wish to exit the EU and end EU Corpus Juris law. Then I will distance myself of them until they are removed.