Sunday, 27 March 2011


Although I sympathise with the trades unionists protesting against the cuts to public services I still believe they are necessary and may not be even severe enough. The reason for this initially contradictory stance is that the cuts are being made in the wrong place. Low paid workers such as carers, binmen etc are being cut but the thousands of highly paid non jobs remain. Diversity officers smoking cessation officers etc could be dispensed with. These bureaucrats, box ticking and enforcing petty rules and PC rubbish are costing us dear and in fact cost us twice over, once in their own salaries and the other in the costs their useless activities impose on industry. The police nowadays do not respond to burglary and we know they are unable to act in emergencies because of health and safety legislation resulting in tragic deaths. In the snow last Winter one force advised its officers to stay inside as it was too dangerous to venture out. Health and safety are obviously important but many of the petty rules have no actual bearing on safety and could be dispensed with together with the little Hitlers who enforce them, freeing businesses from costs and lowering taxes. When I was young in our area with the local council we had a library, public toilets and we ran our own water supply and road maintenance, bins etc with most of the council workers being out "on the job" rather than sitting in offices. The officials were also not paid the obscene salaries current today. Similarly our primary school had no secretary nor a phone but still managed results better than are achieved nowadays. Our grammar school had 500 pupils with only one secretary and no teaching assistants and got good results. This overstaffing is rampant all through public services and I believe these cuts could be made WITHOUT HURTING FRONT LINE SERVICES. But then the people in charge of making these economies, the highly paid bureaucrats are not likely to cut their own or their office colleague's jobs so the useful lower paid public servants who we need and are appreciated are cut first. This enables the bosses to make a political point while keeping their cushy non productive jobs. So best of luck to the unions but I doubt whether you can do much good as they are "all in it together" the bosses that is. PS The anarchist mob who attempted to hijack the legitimate political protest and cause senseless vandalism should in my opinion have the book thrown at them. The vast majority of people hate the banks and off shore tax evaders but vandalism in our capital city is not the way to protest and defacing our monuments in Trafalgar Square is unforgivable. If they are right should I go down and break the windows in my local bank or branch of Boots just because I dont like them? Of course not. Yes rebellion can be good and effective but it must be LAWFUL, for anarchy brings chaos and usually the weakest suffer the most

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