Monday, 14 March 2011

Fish. Barrel. Gun.

OK, it's a cheap shot but Daily Mail hack Jan Moir really has brought this on herself:

Want to stub out smoking? Put Kate's mug on every pack

Plans for selling brands in plain packets unblemished by alluring brand logos have also been mooted — but I have a better suggestion.

If Kate Moss carries on smoking her good looks away, perhaps they should put a picture of her kippered Croydon pram face on the front of every packet?

Kate Moss

Jan Moir

Don't fancy yours much.



Anonymous said...

i would hate to wake up next to that

Anonymous said...

Morg owd mon abaht hur smookin.
I believe smoking is a personal choice as are many other things in life concerning what I call normal people.
On the other hand with this so called catwalk queen she does it for other reasons.
I personally could'nt think of an ordinary person who smokes,would in this current era of pc crap and legions of do gooders want to draw attention to themselves in that they smoke.
In fact these smokers are now so stigmatised that they are forced to congregate in back alleys and doorways to enjoy their smoke.
This catwalk queen and I use the word against my better judgement is an attention seeker backed up by other people who frankly should know better,but what the hell it sells products.
The DM woman who goes into print over this is delluded,but once again if it sells newsprint what the hell.
The PC lot who want to run your life for you appear to have won on the smoking issue in public places.
Will they achieve their objective on banning smoking full stop,absolutely not,in fact the numbers of younger people who smoke has now increased.
A lesson from history,during prohibition american style,did it work,no it did not and was abandoned.
Finally in a so called democracy the people are supposed to freely do what they want within the law,but if you change the law to suit pressure groups,who are'nt representative of the majority of people then what do you have,well you have rule by a minority which frankly is a dictatorship.
Gud Neet.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Gary, to be honest I don't particularly like Kate Moss ... but I thought that item was quite witty and deserves to be spread around.

No, I dislike Jan Moir even more.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

As you know, I smoke. I,ll probably die of it sooner or later; if I don't die of this I'll only die of that; if I don't die of this or that I'll only die of the other. The one commonality there is that I WILL die. That was inevitable from the instant I was conceived - whether ten seconds after conception or a hundred years after birth, the only certainty is death. No point whingeing about the inevitable.

I don't worry about it.

Andyj said...

with flying, take-off's are optional. Landings are mandatory. I think of this every time I intend to leave the ground.

Making a baby is an option. Death has a 100% success rate.

Smoking may be a crime to oneself but forcing others to stop smoking in my book is a crime to humanity.