Thursday, 10 March 2011


Q34. What is (or was) your specific job title?

Big snake hypnotiser

Q35. Briefly describe what you do (did) in your main job

Hypnotised big snakes

Q36. Do (did) you supervise any employees?

Yes. (but they kept buggering off leaving behind lumpy, unhypnotised, big snakes. I can't imagine where or why they went)

Q20. What is your religion?




Anonymous said...

Very funny Morg.What type of heating do you have'coal fire.I suggest every body fills them in on line.Then our post men will not have loads of extra mail to deliver.My postman comes around 10am'on Monday when I got my census he came after 1.30pm.

Anonymous said...

Made me smile your article.
I was once in a court as a witness,and when this woman came round prior to the hearing asking us what religion we were,I said to her cam follower.
She,then said to me oh I don't appear to have a book on that for you to swear on you will have to affirm.
On a more serious note this amount of questioning in a census in my opinion smacks of the usual big brother crap.
I love the question on employment when you apply it to millions who have retired,you have to go through a rigmaroll of questions before you get to are you retired.
Furthermore what the hell relevance is as to who your employer was when you retired.
More to the point is lets say one foreign person who has unaccounted people living with him,will he declare them,absolutely not.
So eventually what will this census tell us?.
My take on this is it will tell you honestly in some cases,in other cases British people will lie for whatever reason,and in the case of certain foreigners you will get crap.
All in all an expensive £ half a billion's worth of trying to spy with the big brother/eussr traitors of this land.
Liebour = unmitigated disaster
Cons = more u turns than in a box of paper clips
Lib Dumbs = sandal wearing tree hugging tossers who have needed a lobotomy for decades.
By the way my central heating is dead easy,what I do is put two diagonals across the room and where they intersect put a candle there and bingo,central heating.

Andyj said...

The Shepard is counting his flock. I've decided. They can chase me to the moon and back before I fill it with opinionated lies. If they think I've told lies then obviously they are better filling it in for me. If someone else fills it in, I'm not signing it.

Andyj said...

"Power to direct taking of census.
(1)Subject to the provisions of this Act, it shall be lawful for His Majesty by Order in Council from time to time to direct that a census shall be taken for Great Britain, or for any part of Great Britain, and any Order under this section may prescribe—"

If we don't have a King, how can he order it?