Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I read that HIV cases are increasing in Wigan and the majority of infected people are from Sub Saharan Africa. Any increase in infectious diseases is a worry but one must ask the question why there are so many people from Africa in Wigan.

We like most mining towns have not been plagued by being diversified for the simple reason that mining is (or was while it existed) hard graft, and not many immigrants would take this employment.

They in the past took up what was formerly womens work in the mills, more suitable to Asians with their smaller stature and weaker physique. Now however it seems we have these Africans here. My question is why are they here? We have local unemployment so why do we need these uneducated people here. Yes we've all seen them selling balloons in Wigan but what good do they contribute to our community and town?

Many of them will also have TB as well. There will always be a few naive young white slags who will have sex with them and thus spread the infection into the local population and put the rest of the Wigan population at risk.

We did not invite these people here and I am sure they did not come for a job so why do the authorities allow or invite them here? Where do they live and who pays for their living costs? Us the taxpayers who are now being increasingly denied the benefits we have paid for in our taxes "because of the cuts" It is the height of irresponsibility and against the wishes of the vast majority of local people.

Wigan and Leigh were built by the sweat of our forebears in the mines, mills and enginering works. Admittedly parts of our environment have suffered as a result as the profits from those efforts were creamed off by the bosses and taken down South. BUT WHAT IS LEFT IS OURS and we don't want it to be further decayed. It was handed down to us and we like it.

We like our towns and communities peopled with folks like us with whom we feel comfortable. But now we have been stealthily infiltrated by these disease carrying aliens from another continent with whom we have nothing in common. And now we have to pay for the treatment of their promiscuity caused disease .

Not only that the health of our children is put at risk. Is this what our people slaved for and fought to preserve? The answer to the problem?(and the cuts) Send these unwelcome people back home, release their houses for Wiganers and us from paying for their medical care and benefits and we could have all the services WE have paid for.

Those who have visited this plague on us have a lot to answer for and hopefully in the goodness of time they will get their just deserts.

Contrary to what some councillors on Wigan Metro think, we do not welcome them, indeed their presence in our town is an affront to us. WIGAN BELONGS TO WIGANERS Link: No testing (in Wigan) despite hiv case rise:


Durotrigan said...

Are you looking forward to them being joined by so-called 'refugees' from Libya, Tunisia, Somalia, etc once they've been shifted from Lampedusa? No? Me neither. I'm afraid however, that they will come as our Government will let them in on 'compassionate' grounds.

If they were really refugees (which they're not), they wouldn't all be men would they? Thousands of Muslim men coming to settle in Europe. Hostile, ill-educated, misogynist colonists. Thank you Cameron, Clegg and Miliband for the 'enrichment' that we are about to receive.

Anonymous said...

Wigan councils own website states that we can support 1533 asylum seekers in Wigan.As you say they are selling goods near the grand arcade'they also hang around the town centre near the moon under water pub all with mobile phones and in groups and its getting worse.We have not got many Asians as you say we were a Mining town.And thus we did not get them in droves in the 1960's.

Andyj said...

I do hope the locals are advised there are modern day deadly infectious lepers amongst us. The fact we can statistically tell them apart by the colour of their skin lacks irony.

The North African Arabs won't be HIV carriers but you can bet your ass it will be a move of convenience while the EU attempts to reinstate North Africa back into the Holy Roman Empire.

The news is alive stating we will be suffering more terrorist attacks soon. That takes me to which businesses that are wholly culpable for death, damage and destruction. Do we sue....
(Trading # and Name)


Well, maybe we should simply cut off the chickens neck.
There is NO legality in these actions.
My skin crawled up my spine when Hague was made foreign secretary. A well known warmonger. Then Fox, another mass murderer in a suit posing as defence secretary.

You couldn't make this up!!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Lanky,we did NOT ask for them,we do NOT want them and the majority of ordinary Wiganers will NOT accept them.
Yes there are the usual diversity clowns in the council who will keep the pot boiling to keep their NON jobs secure.
As to how these medically challenged aliens live and who pays for them well thats obvious,it is the private sector taxpayers,who also pay for the public sector.
O/T slightly relative to diversity it is alarmiing to see how this country has been sold down the river by traitors.
Take the recent census for instance,available in 56 languages,says it all really and will we know from this how many aliens we have,no we will not.

Andyj said...

"Wigan councils own website states that we can support 1533 asylum seekers in Wigan."

Excluding health and legal issues and costs etc. Thats probably an average cost of £15,000 per ass-seeker. So I guess we have to pay £23,000,000 per year for this.

If anyone wants them, why don't THEY PAY FOR IT.

Andyj said...

Oh yes, I forgot.


....and thats only the 'torys!