Sunday, 27 February 2011



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Anonymous said...

I know that this is O/T but can't help commenting.
I see that Red Ed is opening his gob once again with inane utterances.
Apparently it has just dawned on him that LieBour policies on flooding this country with migrants would be good for all of us.
I now see that some poll lot has come up with that there are more ragyeds than us who think that we should curtail immigration.
Personally I aint interested in what people alien to my country say,this kind of reporting disgusts me.
We are an island nation who for generations have fought against foreign rule and we won.
We have now gone from that to be the shelf stackers/fast food outlets of the modern world,what an absolute disgrace that has been visited onto us by our past governments and I use this term loosely.
My one plea to the good people of this land is this:-
Wake up sheeple understand what is being done to you by the power brokers of this land,forget your weekends of getting legless and think about what this lot and the previous lot are asking you to pay for their profligacy.