Tuesday, 8 February 2011


 This is just something that came up in a messaging conversation with my brother in Oz:

"Read every word of this - it's long, but it's actually quite hilarious to picture the mental workings of the management staff referred to in it. And if you're still sane by the end of it, then there is  something wrong with you. Just trying to work out if - and how -  I can post it on the blog .

 Think implications. We are undoubtedly doomed."

Sorry to put you through that bro - but this is the U.K. for you. No doubt Oz is the same ... just a bit behind us.



Now you know how the council works. It's not the actual workers who are the problem with the council tax - it's the managers. And  you know why, when cuts are announced, it's never the management staff that have to go, only the actual workers - whether that's actual manual workers or basic admin. workers... and they have to take on more managerial staff to do it. Managerial staff are incredibly highly paid, as we all know.

Here truly be insanity.

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