Thursday, 10 February 2011




Silly Kuffar said...

Now that was funny.
Excellent Morg. =D

Andyj said...

If people cannot laugh at jokes of themselves or of another then its time to pack up admitting they are human beings.

His humour is .... army.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Thanks - yes, I thought so too.

Go back and watch parts 1, 3 and 4 of the same vid - they are all to the same high standard.

He so reminds me of the drillpigs I used to know when I first enlisted at 15 ... except that he used gentler language than they used to. I had two years of being spoken to like that, and worse. I can still remember one of our boys being told in public (shouted at actually - and no one can shout quite as well or as loudly as a drillpig) ... " If you don't get it right (we were doing rifle drill with the old Lee Enfield) I,m going to come over there and pull your foreskin over you head and knock you so far into the ground you'll look like a mushroom" (with a few expletives sprinkled throughout it)

It was a class bollocking.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Especially part 1 - there you will learn where the reference to polar bears came from.


Andyj said...

Those Lee Enfield guns were class Morg.

Breath out, relax, squeeze when you are back into rest between heart beats..... I'd of made a cracking good sniper.

I've let off several dozen rounds target practice with a 0.22" and a couple with the 0.303".

The 0.303" was not uneventful. One of our lot didn't press the stock against his shoulder properly on his second time round. It made quite a bruise.

How many kids of today have amongst so many other things used a real rifle? We have lived before the days these nations became one big statist prison planet.

Anonymous said...

The upper class in gov are systematically taking apart the welfare state bit by bit with it the working class culture. The credit crunch/global warming all tactics to confuse while they carry out there nefarious agenda. The trades union are well aware of it and are holding token marches, the truth is the leaders of the union are upper class scum and they are well looked after in real terms they are doing nothing, except lead he members up a blind ally. The head of the unite union was in Poland recruiting workers into his union knowing full well they would be taking jobs of British workers How underhanded and two faced is that. Once we loose the welfare state. Then no one gets rent paid. No one gets benefits. No one gets medical care unless you can pay. Like in other countries you pay try charity or die. No pensions. No jobs. Only the BNP will stop this.
What have the axis of evil done for Britain in 60 years?? What have they invested in manufacturing? Soon hospitals that they have used taxpayer’s money to modernise will be sold off and become private, that’s why they call you a customer.
Tax tax tax . With most being given away in foreign aid. The upper class scum has robbed us yet people still vote for them WHY?
You can never rise above a certain level ever wonder why? Its to keep you in your place.
They took us into the E/U so they could make more money denying us a referendum because they new we would reject it.
They have flooded our land with foreigners without consulting us because they see it as there land not ours.
They have invested in India. China. etc; to make money for them nothing for Britain and the working class.
They have taken away on purpose our jobs. Clothing. Docks. Fishing. Mines. These things built our nation using child labour now gone with the sole intention of destroying the working class and its power. It is simply they and we.
Saudi Arabia one of the richest nations in the world. Gives nothing to its lower caste. They starve live in 1890 style poverty and get no access to medical care unless it’s charity, so much for your fellow man. The same can be said for many nations in the world. Britain was the envy of everyone. Within 15year’s we will be the same as India. Pakistan GOD HELP OUR CHILDREN. Grandchildren..
The new world order will be one of billionaires and dire poverty, where do you and your family fit in this.
Time to ask why you vote for them? What have they done for you?
They have taken us from the richest nation on the planet by sheer incompetence or on purpose to a third world state; I believe it’s on purpose.
The local councils have to save money, are any taking a wage cut out of the millions they are pocketing. No why not /every one else is. Are the politicians taking a cut of any kind I mean a real cut NO why not, I thought we where in this together they are really taking the pi**? Out of the working class.
These people are ripping us off why vote for them?
Time to look after our children’s future. Have the guts stand up and be counted while we still have a chance.
They have lied with every word. Iraq. Afghanistan WAR . for gas and oil .Its our kids being killed not the cotton wool upper class kids living in mansions flying around the world.
Man made global warming. Credit crunch We pay them they take from us

VOTE BNP before it’s to late

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Aye Andy - The Lee Enfield .303 is still listed as one of the world's top three battle rifles - look it up on Youtube.

Ours were all personal issue; we kept them on a rack in our barrack rooms - my rifle was MINE. Always removed the bolt when we stashed them. It does mean you keep the same rifle all the time ... bets going to the armoury and taking what you're given each time - the settings are NEVER right that way.

Sir Henry Morgan said...



britbaz said...

One of the best funny and witty things Ive seen in a long time. This illustrates what divides us from the animal kingdom, irony , sarcasm and the ability to laugh at ourselves and at others without meaning any offence. The antithesis of Islam. Thanks Morg