Sunday, 20 February 2011



Don't you just hope that one day they look after you and yours.


Andyj said...

Amazing isn't it. Julian Assange faces imprisonment for all his days for embarrassing mass murderers.

Anonymous said...

The ECHC is a load of bunkum and has been used by past and present governments as a blind to carry on with their agenda's.
They do this on a basis of BULLSHIT BAFFLES BRAINS.
We hear Camoron wittering on about about pulling out of it,but this is only sabre rattling to convince the sheeple that he has their best interests at heart.
Legally we can pull out of this and legislate for a British bill of rights and they can't do a blind thing about it.
The consequences would be only political moaning and groaning from the multicultural EUSSR mob because it is distinct from them.
Don't forget the Human Rights setup was spawned many decades ago mainly as a result of Nazi genocide and yes back then was a viable thing to do.
Nowadays it is outdated and I don't see any attempts to overhaul it to meet current day problems.
In reality the only thing it seems to do is to enable foreign so called judges who I believe in some cases have questionable legal backgrounds to impose stupid legal? diktats on this a sovereign nation.
We are now in a situation where Criminals rights supercede the rights of decent law abiding citizens.
Will Camoron and his cohorts do anything about this state of affairs for the British people who they were elected to represent,I doubt it.
We the people are the only one's who can change governments attitudes,look at what is on the news right now,yes folks it is the people who can effect change.
Can I see this happening here,well peraphs maybe as we now head into troubled waters big time,and people really start feeling the sqeeze,our economic problems are in the embryonic stage right now and they will grow.
Finally I know I digressed a bit but you get my meaning don't you?.
A Wigan Annonymous.
Many Regards.

Anonymous said...

British National Party,
the truth, wake up people, anyone out there ?


Are so many ignoreing the reality, of the threat to our Christian beliefs, our Culture, our way of Christian Life ?


Yes there are many war criminals at large in this country,one even call himself the archbishop of york and his crimes go unanswered,the English people are at a distinct disadvantage for there is nowhere for them to flee to,unlike the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Words fail me, God help us, this Government is a sham, all other Countrys have got their own out of Libya, we cannot get our plane off the ground, wish we had Winston, Enoch or Maggie T, do not despair we have the BNP, and Nick Griffin,
a man of sense and truth, our time will come. Spread the message, time is short, mass influx, into our Country, is a real threat, they breed without thought of financial limits, us, limit our offsprings, because we are responsible, the vistors, take the mick, they care not.