Thursday, 3 February 2011


The EU has destroyed British jobs. The cumulative adverse balance of trade amounts to some £300 billion – so our most successful export to the EU has been British jobs – mostly skilled, hi tech, well-paid  British jobs. In exchange we have got shelf stacking and spanner and screwdriver work. This is why your job prospects are so poor today.


The majority of laws passed by our Parliament today are required by the EU. The EU tells the government what laws it must make and the government whips its MPs to vote for them.  So it looks democratic but it isn't. We and our interests do not come into it at all. No wonder the main parties all ratted on their promise of a referendum on the EU constitution, renamed the Lisbon treaty! Parliament is a marionette. We can vote to change who sits there but whilst we remain in the EU, it is not we the people but Brussels which pulls their strings.

Read it all ... find out why we really should dig up Ted Heath and kill him again just to make sure he's dead.

"INCIPIENT" fascist state? ... more like ACTUAL ... according to Mussolini's description of Fascist. And he might be considered the ultimate expert.


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