Monday, 14 February 2011


In 2007, Baby Peter was tortured to death.

And his torturer may have friends in high places?

Jason Owen told friends: "Me and a friend tortured someone... but we went a bit too far." (
Sadist lodger Jason Owen.)

In court, Jason Owen was blamed for Peter's death.

Jason Owen was sent to jail at the end of 2008.

On 27 October 2009, we learn that Jason Owen could be released in 15 months.
(Baby P lodger could be released in 15 months)

Has he got friends in high places?

Baby Peter died, Jason Owen went to a campsite in Epping Forest, east of London, and helped dispose of bloodstained bedding and clothing.

He was on bail until halfway through the trial.

He was known to police after being arrested in the mid 1990s on suspicion of torturing his dying grandmother to get her to change her will. (
Baby P: Jason Owen was nicknamed Fat Boy - Telegraph )

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I know that this is Old News but the it's the People at the VERY TOP of British Politics, Police, Social Services, Clergy etc who are involved in Major Paedophile gangs.

The Dunblane Massacre and ex New Labour MP Lord (George) Robertson are intertwined with a Major Paedophile Ring.

"The controversy is certain to topple the Blair government, which has already issued a D-Notice to gag the press from revealing the names of known paedophiles within the British executive, including at least two senior ministers; and the case highlights the government's antipathy toward the Sunday Herald and its brand of independent journalism that has, among other things, exposed the role played by the domestic security agency, MI5, in helping the IRA to carry out terrorist atrocities. "

Click on the above to find out how deep this rabbit hole goes.

If the powers that be allow, take part in and cover up such disgraceful, dirty, disgusting and evil activities for their sexual gratification, they will think nothing of wiping the Indigenous Population off the face of the earth to reach their true goals.


Dr DonnaAWhite said...

This, is off subject, respect to your post re baby Peter, I am a Mother, I would as, I believe most Mums would, end her selfish, waste of space life.

I AM A ROMAN CATHOLIC, MY values and beliefs are being belittled,
the Holy Father is ridiculed, by certain in this UK, dumb down,
must say, my Grandma, showed me the bnp voice of freedom,

can I join bnp in wigan,

Silly Kuffar said...

Hi Donna,
You can join the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY. If you live in Wigan and are a member we will be in touch.