Saturday, 29 January 2011


The turmoil in Egypt has been an event waiting to happen for many years.
I went on holiday there 10 years ago and found the poverty shocking and would have liked to go on another trip down the Nile but could see sooner or later something like this would happen.

The cause of the discontent is obvious the poverty, but why the poverty?
The answer is simple, population growth in an already crowded country with few resources.
This is the elephant in the room in many countries especially islamic countries where high birth rates are the norm and indeed encouraged.

These young people are intelligent (apart from their idiotic religious belief which is more of a virus inserted in their brains as children),but still can not find work.
Go back further. Why is there no work?
Because modern manufacturing processes require fewer workers, and corrupt governments and leaders thieve what assets there are to share between the ever increasing population.

The lid has been kept on this for a long time by Western countries subsidizing the corrupt Egyptian regime so that it could keep prices of essentials lower for the people.
This is ironic.

We support a regime which is undemocratic and is in effect a police state.
Again why?
Because however much we go on about democracy or rulers do not want a democratic state in Egypt because people have the habit of "voting the wrong way"
Our leaders fear a militant islamic Egypt which would pose a threat to Israel which is the cause of resentment amongst the Arab world.
The idea of a militant islamic Middle East does not thrill me either but I fear our actions have made this prospect more likely.

What to do?

Well first of all keep out of it. It is no good William Hague appealing "for calm". You don't think anybody will take any notice of him nor the USA sticking their nose in either.
How other countries run their affairs is none of our business.
In the past we have interfered and all to often backed the wrong side.

We are not the world's policeman so leave them to it, while in the meantime supporting the idea of freedom.
That way, when the inevitible will of the people prevails they will not harbour grievences against us and hopefully be more moderate. If wars occur, so long as they do not threaten us, leave them to it.

In the longer term we should consider the lessons we can learn from this at home.
We have a corrupt government and rising unemployment and the prospect of a drastic fall in the standard of living with social disruption increased by the demographics of fast breeding muslims.

In Egypt they have a racially homogenous society and apart from a few Coptic Christians who of course are persecuted as muslims do, and a hated government to fight against in a united fashion.

With multi ethnic Britain there will be no unity of action and anti government violence will co incide with inter ethnic civil wars.

Can't or won't happen here?
Don't count on it . Our economy is in tatters and every day there are more muslims entering or being born here. Hard times are ahead and when trouble kicks off the turmoil in Egypt will seem like a picnic.

In the meantime we must allow our population to reduce to match our meager resources.
That means reducing family size and stopping and reversing the present high breeding muslim influx into our country.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post !

Simon Darby, says, " one wonders what the beeb will be saying in twenty years time when the same demographic tries to take over Britain."

Wake up People, as I type the SWP and UAF filth are rioting in Manchester, calling the Jewish student union leader to flee, due to racist chants..........this " cancer ", within our land needs, sorting, BNP, will accept the challenge.

Anonymous said...

A 2nd Anonymous says excellent post,and well done,put together thoughtfully.
I see that we have had protests in Manchester,which somehow didn't go to plan compliments of UAF&SWP,these two organisations in my opinion are the dregs of society and the students of this land are being conned big time by this lot and their paymasters who are the other three parties.
My question is this,just when are the sheeple of this once fair land going to wake up to what is being done in their name.
Sheeple wake up and smell the coffee you can stop this in it's tracks,look at Egypt right now and realise that we are in a far better position to stop this than they were,but it seems to me that somehow we lack the willpower to take on the forces that are aligned against us.