Thursday, 27 January 2011


Wigan Council are not happy with the Met Office.  Council Officers are complaining that they were left in the dark by their weather forecast contractor about impending icy conditions and therefore did not grit roads in the borough.  As a result public transport services were affected and a number of road accidents occurred.
‘This year we awarded the contract to the Met Office. The council officer correctly acted in not treating the roads network from the information he had been provided with.
“When the weather starts to change from the forecast, we would expect a Met Office forecaster to ring us up and inform us of the pending changes, but this did not happen.”
It seems knowing what weather can be expected but not telling people is getting to be a bit of a habit for the Met Office.  As a result senior managers from the Met Office have been asked to attend the next Greater Manchester winter maintenance group meeting to discuss their level of service.
Despite this adverse publicity the department is happily spinning that no complaints have been received, all is well and they will be attending the meeting as they ‘are keen to work with our customers and make sure they receive accurate and good advice from us’.  Somehow I doubt this story will appear on this Met Office webpage.



Andyj said...

What gets me, instead of wasting money on some professional idiots to make a phone call over the obvious. Why didn't Wigan council have a man pop over to the shops and buy one of those temp gauges with an alarm?

Whats all this about talks? They failed! Deny them the business!

I'll give wigan council some free advice. AGW does not exist and its going to become icy again. Sometime soon.

Lex said...

o/t, however .....

Jarvis must support mass immigration, islamisation, job losses to immigrants and the sell-out of industry, labours illegal wars, the genocide brothers, scum like paedophile Hodge and anti-white Abbott, the uaf clawhammer gang, operation black vote, gun 'n knife crime etc etc.

Well, does he or doesn't he?

No doubt the BNP and locals will ask him .......

Sir Henry Morgan said...

We've had a series of six ice ages each lasting about 100,000 years. In between each ice age has been a warm period lasting about 10-12 thousand years. We've now gone about 15,000 years on the current warm period, which means we're OVERDUE another ice age.

We've been lucky but it won't last forever.

Don't know whether you'll agree with me, but I would welcome a bit of warming - a couple of degrees at least. Sure, this may create problems for Bangladesh and such-like, but that'll be THEIR problem not mine; and if they all try moving West, well, we've got an army haven't we?

How welcome will they make US when WE become refugees from the coming ice? Like I said about warming, above, they'll just say it's our problem not theirs. But like I also said, we have an army, don't we?

Anonymous said...

What an absolute load of garbage from the Wigan councils jobsworths.
I have a gadget called a TV,been around for quite a while now.
And you know what you can get an hour by hour weather forecast complete with maps etc;.
Watching these forecasts caused me to go out and buy a sack of salt grit and a plastic shovel.
Does no one at Wigan council have the backbone to admit they got it wrong,as usual all we get is excuses.