Monday, 31 January 2011


Britains Traitorous Politicians have not just Betrayed us but have bought back into the country Third World KILLER DISEASES such as TB.

Hat-tip Shropshire Patriot


Anonymous said...

My Son started at High School, September, 2007 - We received a letter from the Health Authority,
stateing the TB jab was not available, as TB was not a problem.

However, enclosed was a list of over 130 Countrys, that children arrived in the UK from, the TB jab would be given.

I rang the Local GP's and requested the TB jab for my son. I was told it was in short supply, I said I would pay for the jab, still I was refused the option of my Son receiveing the jab.

The GP's Nurse agreed, that TB has no bias, it can infect, whatever colour or creed. She was afraid, to say too much !

British born, be whatever race or creed, why are they denied ?


Sir Henry Morgan said...

BL - because then they would have to start answering questions about why, having essentially killed off TB in this country, they then started letting people in by the millions without medical screening from countries where TB is rife.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Wont be surprised if I see an outbreak of Ebola virus one of these days.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

BL - and my brother, who is a doctor, can tell you a real horror story about TB from when he was confronted with a case when he was a hospital junior doctor ... but he's in Australia now, so no can do, really.

Andyj said...

Fix all the foreigners from having TB. Make all the locals be infected then its 'our fault' for spreading it about.

Sounds Fabian enough to me!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Looks like "socialist 1" has come out to play again:

Sir Henry Morgan said...