Thursday, 6 January 2011


The arrival last night of a boat carrying 92 passengers brings the total number of arrivals under Labor to 10,016 and 3,464 since Prime Minister Gillard took office…

For your eyes only:

Received this info from mate who is on a boat in Weipa:

Three hundred boat people at RAAF Sherger Air Base in Weipa.

All are being accepted into Australia. All men.

All receive the pension same as our pensioners. All get the same amount again for hardship payment.

Equals twice what our pensioners get. All receive fifty dollars a day for spending money.

Security staff employed to watch them. Chefs employed to feed them.

One quarter of a tonne of chicken a day alone is cooked.

They won’t pick up there own rubbish.

There was a massive dispute because they didn’t like the radio station.

Another dispute because batteries were flat for the Nintendo games.

Tents set up for mosque prayers had to be air conditioned

The Bores/Wells set up to run RAAF Sherger adequately are now dry because taps are left running all day long.

Sewerage systems now blocked with condoms (???) supplied to them [ all men.....remember]

Dept of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) wants Dept of Defence to pay all the bills so they can hide the costs from the public by allowing three hundred poofters into the country.

Australia needs to know.

Congratulations Gillard you fool.

Surely WE should have learned from our own empire how easy it is to take control of another country, and surely the abos wont let it happen to them a SECOND TIME?

Seems I'm wrong on both counts.


Yup, that sounds like the authentic voice of of a modern-day enlisted man.


Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Every grain given is an extra incentive for asking for more.

Our Western Governments need to deter these immigrants, NOT encourage them!

The Labour Party, the same the world over!

Andyj said...

The bill should be taken from the pockets of those who import them.