Thursday, 2 December 2010


As we know that massive cuts to Wigans Public sector are having to be made due to the Treasonus and disgraceful managment of Britains economy by the Blair and Brown led New Labour governments.

Wigan MBC are now asking for suggestions to where these cuts should be made.

If you can think of an area of Wigan MBC budget that can be safely cut without any loss to the overall services provided you may do that here

The Spending Challenge – submit your savings ideas

Public sector services are facing testing times, and up and down the country local people, including council staff, are contributing to the debate about where in the public sector money can be saved.

A public sector that is only 75 per cent of what it is today will need to be one that takes a more limited role and one that offers targeted support only to those who need it most.

We will protect the frontline but we will focus on some different solutions that might work better and be better value –- focusing on causes rather than symptoms.

We all know that there are things that local councils have to do that will always be costly but so essential such as looking after children in care and protecting vulnerable people. But what about outside these areas? Is there anything the council should stop doing? Is there more the community could do for itself?

We also want to know about your money-saving ideas, ideas that come from your own experience managing household budgets, running local businesses and making ends meet.

The only thing we ask is to make your suggestions constructive and we’d really love to hear from you.


You may also like to give us suggestions as you can be sure that multiple suggestions that are on the same subject will not be overlooked like a single suggestion would be.

Please feel free to send your suggestions to Wigan BNP at -


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for a very good article.

I would ask for Wigan Education,
having the 80 % attendance policy.

If your child, is ill, the parent has to telephone every day to confirm the pupils abscene.


If, as a Parent, you deem, your child ill, you should have the say, if they are fit to attend school.

If, Mothers, were tradional Mothers, they would stay at home and care and nutuire their child.

Problem, today, this is outdated and old fashined, babies are placed in the care of Nurseys, etc, farmed off !

The decent Mother who cares and provides for her child, is being made to be odd.

Wigan Council Attandance Officers, should have a lesson in, not all Mums, are prepared to send a ill child to School, just so the School, can boost, their attendance fisgures to Ofsed.

Call me old fashioned, but if you bring a child into the world, the child IS THE PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY, NOT the Schools or reigning Government.

Anonymous said...

Point being, Wigan Council,
Attandence Officers, waste of space.

Get them a real vocation, retrain them...

helping our Returning Troops,
to settle back into civvy life.

Less, money and funds for stupid Diversity Crap, spend our money on our OWN !!!


Spend the poll tax money upon the people that pay it and stop investing in foreign banks that fail.

Andyj said...

A yearly tick box sent with the bill for what we want to pay for in the next fiscal year.

This way, bad management, unwanted "services" etc. will sort themelves out.

Andyj said...

Hey Englishman, At least Wigan council did not retain all their money In Icesave; like Bolton sleepwalked into.

I enjoyed Icesave's high interest rates very much and withdrew my money when I saw the writing on the wall. Councils in charge of many £millions of other peoples money lost the lot!

This "debt" the likes we hear about is not our debt. We end up buying the company and still are made to give it money to ensure we go into more debt!

Debt slavery and a scam. The Irish know all about it. Farage announced to the EU it will result in Nationalism and violence.

Back to council tax: Its unlawful! No other company can knock on the door and demand monies for services not yet given and for services you disapprove of.

There are many sites out there which show how corrupt the system is and give ideas how to overcome them... If only people were brave!


Andi,true,my own mob of dispicable fascists,berkshire,lost at least five million in iceland,when i asked who was responsible,i wanted thier names,and the law under which an individual can invest public monies in foreign banks,all that i got was thier job titles,the question is ,if they have so much money to invest,why are they not spending it upon the people that pay it ,instead of creating for themselves a nic sized nest egg.