Friday, 5 November 2010


The news that Phil Woolas has had his election overturned for misrepresenting his opponents is a good news story for democracy, albeit a small step.
By making misleading statements about his Lib Dem opponent he has lost his seat and job.

How many times have our candidates been misrepresented as fascists or even Nazis when their policies have only been to protect our culture? We have often been smeared by these unjustified allegations in spite of our commitment for true democracy and our opposition to any form of coercion or violence.
I am pleased with this result being a small step in prohibiting the slander to which we seem to be repeatedly subject. Hopefully it will make the other parties a bit more careful and circumspect when attacking us.
The Lib Dems of course have the financial clout to bring cases such as this, aided sometimes by donors of dubious repute but I'm sure in future we will use this judgement to defend ourselves.
"As ye sow so shall ye reap" to coin a phrase.

So, Lib Lab Con you will have to be a bit more careful in future before your opening your lying mouths.

Be careful, we will be watching.

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Salford Supporter said...

Woolas has had his just desserts! When you consider that in this election contest in Oldham East and Saddleworth, both Lib-Dems and Liebour were both engaged in trying to simultaneously tar each other and disassociate themselves from the very thing they have both respectively been responsible for bringing to our shores: islamism.