Saturday, 20 November 2010

Britain left to count cost of European Arrest Warrant

In the EU and Britain today citizens are able to be arrested and held for trial by any other Euro country in the EUSSR.
It doesn't matter if the offence you are accused of is NOT a criminal offence in your home country you can and will be arrested.

How long before we see British Nationalists and Patriots being arrested for commiting FREE SPEECH CRIMES, NATIONALIST CRIMES, PATRIOTIC CRIMES ?
The sort of crime would be for pointing out that IMMIGRANTS are commiting HATE CRIMES as defined in British and EU Law against the INDIGENOUS.
WE see the MAD Mohammedans demanding the beheading of non-believers, screaming HATRED and ABUSE at BRITISH SOLDIERS ON BRITISH STREETS yet they are allowed to continue without a single arrest, a single court case. They burn our symbols of rememberance of our HEROIC FORFATHERS who gave their lives up so readily for OUR FREEDOM and OUR SECURITY and are protected by the Police who duly arrest any Indigenous Britains for trying to do something about these disgusting acts of HATE from the BARBAROUS MOHAMMEDANS.

We know that MOHAMMEDANS who are resident here are travelling around the globe to fight in ISLAMIC WAR ZONES, fighting against BRITISH SOLDIERS in AFGHANISTAN and formerly in IRAQ, collecting thousands upon thousands of pounds every week in their British Barracks, commonly known as MOSQUES, and using this money to undermine OUR COUNTRY, using this money to pay for TERRORIST TRAINING in Foreign countries, to enable them to travel and to live in their country of choice for their training.

Yet it is US the INDIGENOUS BRITISH who are targetted by Foreign Governments, Police Forces and Legal systems aided and abetted by the TRAITORS IN PARLIAMENT.


Britain left to count cost of European Arrest Warrant

Many are accused of trivial crimes overseas such as possessing cannabis or leaving petrol stations without paying. No evidence need be presented in British courts of the alleged offence and judges have few powers to resist the person’s extradition.

Those affected can spend long periods in jail here and abroad for crimes which might not even be prosecuted in this country.

They can also be seized for offences which are not even crimes in Britain.

Although the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) was intended to operate in the same way in all 27 EU states, The Sunday Telegraph has established that many other European countries have given themselves “opt-outs” or conditions to protect their citizens.

It comes after this newspaper first highlighted concerns last week over the way that the warrant system was being used in Britain.

Holland will not extradite Dutch nationals under the EAW unless the accusing state agrees that they can serve any prison sentence in a Dutch jail. The Belgians have opt-outs so that the warrant does not cover abortion.

Abortion and “abetting abortion” are crimes in some EU states, including Malta, Ireland and Poland – Europe’s most active issuer of EAWs.

Birth control campaigners fear they could be targeted by antiabortionists under the EAW, even simply for running a British-based advice website accessible from abroad.

France appears reluctant to extradite its own nationals under the EAW and has stated in the past that they will not be extradited.

Europe’s largest country, Germany, has imposed a “proportionality rule” stating that only those accused of serious crimes can be seized under a warrant. The definition of serious is not given, but it would exclude large numbers of the trivial charges dealt with by the British extradition courts.

One Kent motorist, Patrick Reece-Edwards, spent weeks in a British jail awaiting extradition to Poland on a charge of possessing a forged motor insurance certificate. When he was finally extradited, the matter was resolved by the payment of a civil penalty with no criminal record.

So many people – mostly Poles – are extradited from Britain to Poland on minor charges that special fortnightly military flights are operated for them from a London airfield. The hundreds of trivial requests are also a serious drain on police, prison and court resources.

Britain has no such opt-outs, and campaigners say that British judges are too cautious in applying the overriding requirements of the Human Rights Act.

Karen Todner, one of Britain’s leading extradition lawyers, said: “It is typical of us not to have given ourselves proper protection.

“British judges apply the EAW treaty to the letter and these massive injustices come about because the Government hasn’t thought this through.

“There are a lot of quite simple things we could do now to mitigate the harm done to British citizens, which could be done quite quickly through a simple administrative decision.”

British citizens sent abroad under the EAW are also at a serious disadvantage. Since foreigners are regarded as flight risks, bail is often refused and pretrial detention, even for minor crimes, can last for years.

Almost 44 per cent of prisoners in Greek jails are foreigners, according to EU figures, compared with just 14 per cent of those in British jails.

Jago Russell, the chief executive of Fair Trials International, said: “The human impact of an extradition is crazy. In its forthcoming review of extradition law, Britain needs to learn lessons from the likes of Germany, which have put much-needed safeguards in place to protect their citizens.”

You can guarantee that not a single MOHAMMEDAN TERRORIST SUPPORTER AND HATE CRIMINAL will be affected by this, if they are there will be a huge outcry from BRITAINS TRAITOROUS POLITICIANS and every stone will be unturned to save the MOHAMMEDAN HATE PREACHERS from being arrested under the EU ARREST WARRANT>

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