Thursday, 7 October 2010


In the news today I see that ACPO the private company run Association of Chief Police Officers are taking a tough line on a new minority group, namely the "dogging community", and no I'm not referring to dog owners.

This deserving group, (the doggers not the police) have it seems been subject to "hate crimes" on account of their indulging in their pastime of having sex in public places,toilets, fields, car parks and even on private land.
Now police have been ordered to treat verbal abuse of these fun loving people a hate crime as it causes them to have post traumatic stress for up to 5 years whereas victims of non hate crimes (I suppose that means robbery etc) recover in 2 years.

Members of these "communities" (yes we now have a dogging community as well as all the other persecuted minority groups) have the right not to be insulted or ridiculed even if they are breaking the law which they are but the "hate" element of the offensive words it seems trumps their offences as it does most other crimes.

And no I am not a killjoy and have had my moments in the back of a car but to have sexual relations publicly in a park in front of others who may not wish to view the spectacle is in my opinion going too far.
The police are saying that these "doggers" have rights but so do the unfortunate members of the public who inadvertently witness their passion for alfresco sex.

The inclusion of private land in the advice presumably means that if you find them hard at it (no pun intended) in your front garden you must mind your language in asking them to leave or you will be arrested for your "hate" leaving them undisturbed to carry on enjoying themselves but definitely not at your pleasure.

At least in these times of cuts it's nice to know that police resources are used to the best advantage in combatting crime, while allowing doggers to continue servicing each other even if it is in your garden.

Is this why they now call themselves "The Police Service"?


phoenix said...

Lanky, if they are "AT IT" in your front garden, keep your hosepipe handy, after all thats how you seperate "dogs and bitches"....
WHAT THE F... IS THIS COUNTRY TURNING INTO...Its a bloody disgrace

Silly Kuffar said...

Perverts and paedos seem to be the only thing the police are interested in protecting.
Surely the MAJORITY would be offended if they came across any sort of sexual deviancy in a Public Place.
We need to start DEMANDING OUR RIGHTS!