Friday, 22 October 2010


Like the smell of curry do you? Well I don't. Can't stand it - never have been able to. But I do like the smell of sizzling bacon.

Are mohammedans really sure they want to head down this route? And in Manchester too!

There are an awful lot of curry places in Manchester. 

Just look at the menu to check whether or not it's a mohammedan restaurant or takaway... if it doesn't sell pork ...

Seems you only have to make a complaint to reduce the flow of cash to the Talibs.



Silly Kuffar said...

I don't think they would do a thing if it were us complaining about the Curry smell nor the stench of Kebab

Lomra Greener said...

There is an easy answer to the problem of foreign takeaways on every street corner - don't buy from them!

They only survive because those who are incompetent/too lazy/too drunk to cook for themselves patronise them. The very smell arising from these establishments is enough to put me off them for life.

britbaz said...

At least with a pig you can see what your eating. With curry and kebabs and the like you dont have a clue whats on your plate . I do know that in India, curry which is a mixture of several spices was introduced do disguise the taste of suspect meat.
On a similar vein , I am interested im maths and am informed that in Wigan College ,when teaching probability theory ,lecturers have been told not to use dice or card games when teaching probability theory!!