Saturday, 23 October 2010


Calls to axe the ‘non-jobs'

So now we know it. Wigan Metro spends over £350,000 on "Diversity Officers", and another four people are employed to attempt to get EU funding for the borough. I presume this does not include office costs, heating and lighting etc.

Manchester gets by without any of these useless bureaucrats while Bolton has two.

At least we can be thankful that we do not have a "Climate Change Officer" like Warrington.

So what could we do with £350,000 if we did away with these non jobs?

Well we could build 3 council houses per year. This would employ building workers, brickies, joiners,plumbers,electricians etc to build the houses.
They in turn would need the materials with which to build the houses, bricks, plumbing materials, timber etc which would give other people a job.
These people would spend their earnings in local shops and so the circulation of jobs and money would go on.
That is why putting money into primary producers (eg housebuilders etc) brings 3 or 4 times as much money per pound than government jobs which live off the backs of the former and put back into the economy only what they have taken from it.

So in the last ten years we could have housed thirty families and given employment to perhaps as many tradesmen. These households would now be paying rent and council taxes to the Metro which would help them financially.

This is all basic economics, productive workers as well as producing assets provide employment for four others down the line as well as having an end product.
That is not to say that all workers must be producers. We need people to teach the kids, heal the sick, empty the bins etc and even a FEW to keep the books but the latter pen pushers should be kept to the bare minimum.

The reason the buraucracy has been allowed to swell is that those in control are not spending their own money. Also they are themselves bureaucrats and do not see they are in effect living off the backs of the productive members of society, and they do not understand economics.

Who created these posts which other councils manage without? Was it the overpaid Chief Excecutive who is on £70,000 more than the Prime Minister?. BTW who fixed her salary? Or was it agreed by our so called representitives, the councillors who are supposed to have our interests at heart?.
How has this come to light? Because of a FOI request. How many other needless extravagances will be uncovered by more digging?

This waste is a heavy cost on society. Those responsible should be sacked for incompetence.
Then perhaps we could preserve the services we value while at the same time cutting council taxes and business rates. If the latter were reduced they would not need people to promote our town. Businesses would flock to us and our prosperity and the future of our children would be assured.

So in a nutshell. Do away with these non jobs and put the money saved into productive investment in our town.

ELLIOT MUST GO, together with his parasitic mates. Perhaps he could get a useful job. If he does I will buy him a shovel


Silly Kuffar said...

Well said LP.


Just one moment,it will not be INDIGENOUS construction workers that build these houses,it will be assorted slavic filth,who having pushed the native worker out of his employment,has now set up his own firm,and employs ONLY fellow slavic filth,under the pretext that the native workers do not speak HIS language and therefore can not be employed,they have already stolen my job and "down south"there is no way back,since they now have the whip hand,and in London whitey need not apply,because he will refuse to pay a backhander to the immigrant filth on the gate,so you do not even get to ask,but as always you can not expect any help from your fellow countrymen.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis of what goes on off the backs of the long suffering productive taxpayer.
A little background of what the Taxpayers Alliance gleaned with their Freedom of Information requests to 433 councils showed up.
It appears under the following heading taken from their report.
Research Note 77
12th October 2010
Heading Council Savings Unnecessary Jobs.
The report covers:-
Political Advisors.
European Officers.
Climate Change Officers.
Diversity Officers.
Key findings are:
These positions cost £41 million in 2009-10.
The breakdown is:
141 employed as political advisors
cost nearly £5 million.
Nearly 183 employed as european officers,cost £6 million.
543 employed as diversity officers,cost £20 million.
350 employed as climate change officers,cost over £10 million.
Wigan Council were as your link shows rather tardy in responding to this FOI,but seemed to kop on smartly when their name was flagged up as no response,and by my reckoning were one of 13 councils out of 433 that did'nt respond,sounds like panic to me.
As an aside for quite some time now I have been collecting data on the various job titles of council employees.
Councils will not tell you directly about these jobs but if you look carefully at snippets of info in the media etc: you can pick up a lot of them.
My list is a long one,so I can't print this here,but I will pick out a few of the more insane ones.
Tobacco Alliance Coordinator.
Brand Marketing Specialist.
Community Space Challenger Coordinator.
Cultural Officer.
Ambient Replenishment Officer.
Executive Director Of Neibourhood Delivery.
Transgender Coordinator.
Nuclear Free Zone Inspector.
Finally some of the (lunatics are in charge of the asylum ones).
Development Officer For Juggling.
Teen Funk Instructor.
Real Nappy Coordinator.
Condom Commando.
Eco Warrior Officer.
Car Reduction Officer.

This next one is my absolute favourite and you won't believe this folks but it's gospel.
So folks a snippet of what the HARD WORKING TAXPAYER is up against versus this profligate bunch of town hall con merchants.
To anyone who reads this can I suggest,dont take my word for it,do your own research,approach it with an open mind,no party politics of any kind,see what you find and then you might see how you are being conned.
Thanks for reading whoever you are.

Lanky Patriot said...

I admit I don't know much about other towns but in Wigan we are not greatly enriched and all the builders I know (and I know quite a few) are English.

If there was a site with a majority of foreign labour while Wiganers were denied jobs I think there would be trouble.