Monday, 18 October 2010




Watch and learn - the truth about Britains historical past.

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Andy said...

Off topic but a small thing happened in Wigan today...

Walking in the "grand arcade" almost at the shop to do a transaction. I was approached and told to remove my motorcycle helmet. So I asked him is this a Government building?
He said No its not.
Then I said if this a private business tell me where is the clearly printed sign that CCTV operate in this area. Its illegal not to do so.
He came back with the statement that I am "breaking their law".
My response was "I'm not contracting with you so not law applies." (Statute laws are contract laws).
Took helmet off in shop. Made transaction and complained I doubt I'll be here again with the attitude of those insecurity guards. Will you say anything? Chinless wonder refused. (Welcome to 21st. century Britain).
Put helmet back on. Exited shop to be met by these "guards" to show me out.

There was a woman wearing a full head veil in that place at the time. Motorcycling is my religion and I was being discriminated against by private individuals.

Next time I go in there (if ever) I promise to be wearing a full niqab.

These illiberal authoritarians will not let you take photographs in the place yet you can watch it all day inside on their webcam.