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For the past twelve months a small group of campaigners have caused an almighty furor across the North West of England. They have specifically targeted the middle class by leafleting in well heeled areas and by sending personal letters to university lecturers, doctors, barristers, civil servants, clerics, etc. While they have enjoyed considerable coverage in local media, such has been the opposition to their activities that the authorities have seen fit to arrest them, search their homes, and seize various items of property.

What does their campaign consist of ? They are asking Muslims to apologize for the Heroin Trade. To some, their actions appear inflammatory, but, given mature reflection, is this really the case? The campaigners claim that the heroin trade is a crime against humanity of such magnitude and iniquity that it dwarfs both the Jewish holocaust and the slave trade. Even according to the most conservative estimates, between 20 and 25 million people have been killed directly by the heroin trade, however, those arrested believe that the number of deaths attributed to this evil commerce is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to measuring the suffering and misery caused by it.

These “Preston Pals” as they like to be known, come from the terraced streets and council estates of the Ribble Valley; they live cheek by jowl with the addicts and mega-rich Muslim heroin traders. They know the destructive power of this trade. They have been obliged to watch as relatives, friends, and neighbors have been reduced to nasty pathetic parasites; they have seen families torn apart; they have witnessed entire communities brought low by prostitution, crime, child abuse, benefit reliance, and gang warfare, all spewing forth as a direct consequence of the heroin trade.

In working men’s clubs up and down the valley, the blame for this modern day holocaust is laid squarely on the door of those they have come to refer to as the Muslim “invader.” Rumors abound that many of the rich and powerful Muslims who hob nob with the “county set” are up to their necks in the trade.

Soldiers returning from abroad have made it common knowledge that the whole Afghanistan/Pakistan region is nothing more than one gigantic agro-industrial facility for the production and manufacture of heroin. One of the “Pals” who lost his only son to heroin is quick to point out that 95% of the world’s heroin comes from the Pakistan/Afghanistan region and is distributed to every town and city in the world via a global transport network. With a certain bitterness in his voice, he makes the claim that the whole heroin trade from production through to transport and sale is almost entirely and Islamic concern. What the Pals struggle to understand is why this highly regulated and managed multinational business directly employing hundreds of thousands of Muslims and making some of them very rich manages to escape public scrutiny and condemnation?

Attempts to deal with the problem by education and rehabilitation are contemptuously dismissed by the protesters as a waste of time. This whole campaign is built on the belief that the abolition of the heroin trade will only come to pass when Islam decides to abolish it. One of the leaflets under investigation underlines this belief by making the claim, “if Muslims applied to heroin traders a tiny fraction of the brutality they expend on adulterers, the world would see and end to this evil trade in six months.
These ex-military men believe that the nation of Islam will only be able to do its duty and deal with the heroin traders after undertaking a cathartic process of introspection and self examination similar to the one embarked on by the Roman Catholic community. Before the Roman Catholic community could effectively deal with the problem of pedophile priests, there had to be a profound and universal recognition that by fostering a culture of cover up, denial, and whitewash, they were, in a very real sense, collectively responsible for the suffering inflicted by pedophile priests. Islam, these old soldiers protest, must be brought to the same alter of repentance. Muslims must be made to acknowledge that they are guilty of nurturing a culture of cover-up, denial, and whitewash with regard to the heroin trade that has allowed this evil industry to bloom. It is only following a profound acknowledgement (which will be signified by the profession of public apologies) thatthe Islamic world is indeed guilty of inflicting this monstrous blight upon humanity that Muslims around the world will be shamed into doing the right thing and deal with the heroin dealers that hide and thrive in their midst.

Given that the Pals have received a number of blood curdling death threats, it is hardly surprising that they are convinced the Muslims are more interested in silencing talk about the trade than ending it. This belief is reinforced by the fact that an initial investigation into this campaign was dismissed by the CPS only to be reopened following pressure from the Muslim Police Officers Association. In submitting to Muslim pressure, the authorities may genuinely believe they are promoting social cohesion, but this is not how the veterans see it. From their point of view, the authorities are collaborating with the Muslim invader to suppress a legitimate grievance honorably expressed. What should concern us all is the perception that as shepherds to their people, the authorities have not only failed in their duty to defend and protect, but they have actually taken the side of the wolf pack. It is this sense of betrayal and abandonment that permeated the atmosphere as one of the Pals remarked, “the real inflammatory behavior occurring in our valley comes from Lancashire’s Muslim colony, which is inflicting a tsunami of suffering, misery, and death upon those who have been forced to give them a home.

Tony Bamber Cleared

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Wolfblood said...

Good work as always, Wigan.
Keep getting it out there, kinsman.

"The campaigners claim that the heroin trade is a crime against humanity of such magnitude and iniquity that it dwarfs both the Jewish holocaust and the slave trade."

Speaking of the slave trade -

There was a BBC news item today blaming white folk in the north-west for alcohol abuse.
This was to focus away from the muslim heroin and sex slave trade and the paedophile gangs.

Grievance Letters said...

Muslims are doing this all over the world! shame on them. There quran talks about humanity and also a Muslim but against these things


As 90% of heroin is produced in the af/pak region ,it would be a simple task to eradicate it at source,afghan was attacked on the basis that it exported terrorism,and this trade is just another version of that same terrorism directed at the western world,unfortunately with the cia facilitating export and supply,there are too many sticky fingers in western administrations to take any meaningfull action.

Lomra Greener said...

Most right thinking people are already aware of this problem, it's roots and promoters. Full marks to the group for having the guts to speak out, what a pity our excuse for a government (and several governments preceding it) do not have the same moral fibre.

Silly Kuffar said...

In the 1970s - 1980s we would hear about massive Heroin or Cocaine busts by our customs and excise officers. Now we don't hear a thing. I wonder why ?

Heroin Jihad anyone ?