Friday, 20 August 2010


What is the connection between Lord Ashcroft, David Rowland, Philip Green, Laski Mittal and Mr Tata?
These multi millionaires are but a few who subsidise or advise the Labour and Tory parties and have a massive influence on government policies.
These rich people live abroad and pay little or no taxes in our country but make huge profits, not always transparently in and from our country.
What do they have in common? They care more about their obscene profits than they do about Britain but yet are feted by our politicians.
There are many more such as the oligarch friends of the slimy Mandelson.
There is obviously little difference between the two major parties in their courting of these dubious characters.

To quote an old saying "The person who pays the piper calls the tune"
These multi millionaires are interested only in money and have no allegience to Britain, but their interests are put before those of our country because of their wealth.
The politicians dare not antagonise them or they will lose party funding or other favours, so they grant them privelidges which are to our detriment.

Thus immigrants are allowed to flood in for cheap labour. Global capitalism allows these leeches to buy our industries and set them up abroad while our people languish on the dole (paid for out of our taxes, they do not pay tax here).
The crowding of our cities with multitudes of different cultures and the attendant social strife does not bother them. It has no effect on their profits, and they mainly live abroad.
They are quite happy with no go areas in our cities where English people fear to tread as they have their own no go areas. In this country they live in gated compounds with tight security while the same applies to their tax havens abroad.
No danger of them being mugged or raped in our vibrant or diverse society, their security guards see to that.

I can understand they seek safety but we would like a bit of that but instead have the conflict of diversity thrust upon us with all the dangers that entails.
The rub is that our disintegrating society has been created because of their need to maximise their tax free profit.
The obscenity is that they have on account of their great wealth a stranglehold on our government policy. And we are supposed to be a democracy.
Elections are just a farce as our representitives (MPs) know that they dare not antagonise them.
This is the reason they try to destroy our party. Not because we are racist, we are not, we just seek to preserve our own country and culture, and what's wrong with that?
No, the reason they are so against us is because we seek a regime which puts us and our people first, and would never be corrupted by money, especially that which is made at the expense of our country.
We in other words are not for sale, and that is what they do not like.

That is why they have their subsidised lackeys (the misnamed UAF) always on hand to try to thwart us.

Another saying, "As ye sow so shall ye reap". In time when the chaos which their greedy antics will surely bring they will get their just deserts.
They possibly believe they will be safe in their tax havens but we are not alone and the people all over the world are at last stirring and it could be unpleasant. I hope they will see sense before it is too late. That is why I am a BNP member, to try to avert strife.

All we want is justice in our OWN land.

Eventually we will attain our goal.

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The scum to which you refer is no longer particularly interested in money,it is power that they desire,immigration,impoverishment of indigenous populations,economic collapse,are all instruments to accomplish that end,they want total chaos,man against man,brother against brother,until the hell-hole in which we live becomes so intollerable,that the single brain cell possessed by most voters will embrace any pretended relief or salvation offered by these criminals,the peon will gladly give away his last shred of democratic freedom for thier promise of utopia and will only be aware if at all that he has become a slave,when it is too late,and will find that his fears instead of being minimised will have increased exponentially as food will only be available to the supremely docile and compliant.