Saturday, 28 August 2010

Thieving Filthy Bastards

The Greater Manchester Police yesterday released information in relation to the disgraceful theft of two flag poles that where attached to the War Memorial at Leigh Cenotaph.

No doubt to defuse any potential angry backlash from the local population, the GMP only saw fit to disclose the news yesterday, even though this heinous crime was committed over a fortnight ago.

Reports come via the (left click here) Leigh Journal, here in Bolton and the BBC webpage in addition to making the news reports on local radio stations.

The above picture (albeit not uploaded fully for some reason?) was taken whilst at the Leigh Cenotaph at last years Remembrance Day service.

I for one know that we have a hell of a lot of individuals living in that locality of the Cenotaph who have no allegiance whatsoever to our fallen or indeed this Town and Country in general and who certainly wouldn't and couldn't give a rats arse to whom they may upset if it means making a good few quid.
These dirty thieving bastards are no-doubt the same dirty thieving bastards that use hooked rods to fish out the clothing from the 'charity' bins a couple of streets away as well!

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