Monday, 23 August 2010


I'm slowly recovering after returning from our Summer School last night.
The event was held in an idyllic setting which I last visited 7 years ago. Then I had difficulty in finding it and only found the location by following the density of the police presence.
This time it was EASY with sat nav getting us to within 300 yards after which we looked for security at the gate. How times have changed.
A full programme of lectures was available and much was learnt aboput election practice, financial matters and local activism.
Marlene Guest from Yorkshire gave an account of how local activism and exposing inefficiencies and plain corruption can help in getting increased support and our message across as proved by the high BNP votes in Rotherham.
Nick Griffin was at his best both in his opening and closing speeches (both of which I have recorded) and they gave us new enthusiasm after the disruption of the ill advised leadership challenge.

The new marquee donated by the chairman and Andrew Brons was only just large enough to accomodate all those there and during a heavy shower it was only by cramming closer we were able to avoid getting wet.
Fortunately apart from that the weather favoured us and we were able to mingle with members from other areas and exchange ideas and experiences in a sunny field in between sessions.
There was a feeling of purpose and unity and a determination to put past disagreements behind us and move on, and we left invigorated but tired.
We are a party, more united than ever now that those who have brought our party into disrepute (State agents?), or empire builders have left.
Hopefully those who were duped by these people will see the error of their ways and join us in the struggle for our country and it's future.

That systems are in place to improve our position we were left in no doubt and over the next months these will bear fruit, aided by our sense of purpose engendered over the week end.

All in all a VERY enjoyable and informative occasion made even better by renewing acquaintances with old friends from other areas.

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