Sunday, 4 July 2010


I read today that a watchdog has said that "babies in tuberculosis danger zones should be vaccinated against the disease".
This to me is horrifying and demonstrates the governments reckless attitude to British children's health.
Forty years ago we had all but eradicated that disease by a combination of antibiotic and public health measures.
TB is a difficult infection to treat and the bacillus soon becomes resistant to antibiotic treatment if not given in an efficient way. In spite of that we could say we were free of that debilitating and often fatal disease.
The disease is spread by close contact to susceptible people by inhaling it from people with whom they come in close contact. Everybody does not get it, only those with a genetic disposition to it. We were told it was the soil and the seed.
The soil was the genetic susceptibility and the seed was the close proximity to the infection.
If there was no infection around people susceptible to TB would have no worries, but if they were exposed to it they could contract the disease.

Now this matters to me as my ex wife had the genetic weakness and had TB whilst pregnant with my first daughter and was hospitalised for 4 months on that account. Her sister also had TB.
That means that this genetic susceptability could and probably was handed down to my children and grandchildren. It's possible and even likely, I dont know.
I do know that until this rapid influx of immigrants infected with antibiotic resistant strains they were safe.
I believe successive governments have been reckless with the health of future generations in their politically correct immigration policies and put my grandchildren at risk. There are thousands of our young people in the same boat.

It's alright vaccinating children in those areas at risk, but adults move about putting our children at risk. There could be a timebomb of a recurrence of this terrible disease because of this wanton regard for the health of our future generations, and I will never forgive them for that.

Much talk is made about AIDS in immigrant populations but that is a disease contracted voluntarily and can be avoided .
But it is increasingly difficult to avoid such activities such as sitting on a bus at the side of someone infected by a drug resistant strain of TB.

The ancients knew the dangers of unintended infection. That is why they had leper colonies.

We should do the same and allow no one into our country infected with this disease.

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