Thursday, 8 July 2010


As everybody must now realise there is a possibility of a challenge for leadership of the Party this summer. This should not come as a surprise as challenges for the party leadership are gurantors of democracy and occur in most major political parties, and our party is no different.

Unfortunately personal abusive statements have been put out on both sides which are more in keeping with those of the other parties venom to which we are so often subjected.

Yes structures are needed to modernise our party, indeed we have been victim of our own success and the party structure has struggled to keep up with this rapid change.
I have made my opinions known on some issues and have been reassured that many of the deficiencies will soon be remedied.
I accept the shock of the betrayal by important officials in the past months which has hampered our efforts and I feel this betrayal as much as anybody.
There will always people who are susceptible selling their principles for money and others who have been inserted into the party in an attempt to destroy us. That they do so should be seen as a compliment as if our party was of no importance why bother attacking? and it should reinforce our determination to build on our successes.
Any such infiltrators and traitors should be removed promptly and the reasons for their removal stated plainly.
However abusive and often untrue posts are not those of responsible mature political people.
Whichever the side one is on we all have the same objectives ie to save our country.
I have good friends on both sides of the argument and have no intention of losing them by condoning these childish blogs. More importantly after the dust has settled we HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER.

The powers that be wish us to squabble among ourselves and split as a party.
Just for that reason I refuse to join in any dispute. There are valid points on both sides and a variety of opinions as to policy and the way forward, but then we are a democratic party and hopefully both sides will get together after any election and we will emerge even stronger.

To those who are hoping we will press the self destruct button.

DONT BANK ON IT ! We are and will be here for the long haul.

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