Monday, 12 July 2010


I read in the paper today that Wigan Metro staff take nearly 18 days off sick per year, nearly 3 times as much as the time taken in private industry.
Why is that? In private industry the work is often more onerous and dangerous so one would think the workers would take more time off. But no. In private industry they know their jobs are on the line, especially if the firm goes out of business.
Also in the Town Hall many managers don't bother whether the job is done on time or not or even at all. Often the job seems pointless (Like Elliot's).
Workers think "the boss doesn't care so why should I". And the boss doesn't care as it is not their money being wasted.
On the other hand praise for good work is not given so there is complete lack of motivation to be a good worker.

The basic trouble is management.
Wigan managers are paid massive salaries (I have still not found out how these massive salaries are awarded and by whom)but the stats show they are not managing.
How to cure this malaise?
Make the senior management's jobs and pay dependant on the satisfaction, dedication and efficiency of their underlings as evidenced by the sickness rates. If these are too high. Sack the managers.
Then they would pay more attention to the work environment, employee satisfaction and output generally.
A bonus would be that staff numbers could be reduced (and I don't mean binmen or care workers) and our council taxes also reduced.


Silly Kuffar said...

I was wondering what the reason for the comments ban was on WEP/WT.
It's because the powers that be don't want us to comment on the mess and the cuts that are to come.
I mean, we can't upset New labour now can we.

Silly Kuffar said...

And when did the 100 job losses occur ? What jobs were cut ? I bet it wasn't idiot Browns OVER-PAID and irrellevent non-job.