Saturday, 3 July 2010

Local On-Line Rag "" Removes Comment Facility

Commenting facility

WE READILY promote freedom of speech at but certain users are spoiling threads with vile personal attacks, foul language and irrelevent comments.

We want your opinions on OUR STORIES - we don’t want random political comments that have nothing to do with the subject matter or attacks on individuals.

Decent threads are having to be removed because of a few irresponsible people.

If this continues we will have no hesitation in banning individuals from commenting and, if necessary, taking further action.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to have YOUR SAY on all the local stories in the news - please comment responsibly or the facility will be removed.


The Webmaster

Yesterday, the above message appeared on the Wigan Today on-line rag.

We here at Wigan (& Leigh) Patriot have had many a good discussion, debate and rants on the local political topics on that website and with many of the comments running into the hundreds before the red pen deleter got at them. Then the format changed a little and all future comment contributors had to re-register with a valid e-mail account and address - this was supposedly to eliminate the above mentioned anti-free speech lunatics out there who would hijack these comments to stifle the truth being heard. Now, all of a sudden (?) the plug has been pulled on the comment facility altogether.

Although, the profess to "readily support freedom of speech, but certain users are spoiling threads with vile personal attacks, foul language and irrelevent comments."

It seems somewhat strange to me that over the past few years the lunatic left-wing employees at have had a carte-blanche attitude to allow vile and derogatory rants and threats against not only my family and me, but, additionally other contributors to this blog including Lanky Patriot, Sir Henry, Silly Kuffar and their families and these threats and insults extended to include our regular visitors to this blog...Britishlady and Freeborn John amongst many more...and yet we have never once complained....and this lack of complaint from us - is because we believe that when such sad individuals need to resort to that level of sub-human and a repulsive lack of moral attitude antics and language we know that we have indeed won the battle both mentally and politically against these sad, very sad socially inept and weak willed cowards .

One of the last posts I submitted was in response to Peter Franzen who had once again had the bleeding audacity to call me a Nazi, which although very tiresome - doesn't bother me one iota. Now, what I did put in the comment was that it was about time that everyone knows who the real Nazi's are in our midst and who are also the same radical Islamic apologists. I put that Peter Franzen and his SS Community Action Party were Nazi's - Respect Party = Nazism, SWP = Nazism, UAF = Nazism, Green Party = Nazism ......etc....etc....etc..... (any new readers to this site why not do a search on this blog and look at the evidence for yourself) We here at WP have done a lot of research recently into these certain groups and exposed them for what the really are!

Obviously, someone at the is getting a very twitchy spinchter indeed and are running a little scared that individuals out there are actually awakening to the real truth....of whats actually happening in our locality....which they must stop at all cost...? The truth...MUST NOT.. be heard they collectively froth!


Silly Kuffar said...

We were hitting the Bullseye and exposing the SWP element, who were hiding under the guise of CAP, RESPECT, UAF etc.
The only abuse came from the SWP in disguise CAP and their leader Peter Franzen, who start his "Nazi" rants when we in the BNP commented on any news story.
Most news stories had political undertones such as those on the Police, Promotion of LGBT and minority rights over the majority, Afghanistan etc, so WT shouldn't have been surprised that we commented on them.
But lately their were quite a few new commentators who had never or hardly ever comment on WT and started demanding an end to FREE SPEECH.
It certainly wasn't anyone from the BNP asking for people to be banned etc. We didn't even ask for the main instigator throwing insults of all this (PETER FRANZEN) to be banned. This is why i think Franzen and his SWP friends started to use WT to attack FREE SPEECH and Individual commentators.
To try and stifle our expose of the hidden political hand of the SWP in the CAP.
But then again, maybe certain individuals (PETER FRANZEN and his SWP TRAITORS) can dish it out but can't take it ?
We must be getting too close to the truth for their comfort.

Silly Kuffar said...

Wigan MBC shedding a lot of staff and comments banned on WT.
Is New labour in Wigan MBC putting pressure on WT to clamp down on Free Speech ?

I wonder if they (WMBC) will shed the non-jobs to do with Equality and Diversity ?
No, probably not. Probably not empty your bins for a month at a time instead.
And I bet Joyce Redfern keeps her job and enjoys a pays rise.

Freeborn John said...

So the NUJ finally took their ball home in a huff, as Stalinists always do.
They probably got sick of the Wigan Patriots putting lying reds to the sword week after week simply by speaking the truth.
A little free speech did get past the hack journo with the red pen so your efforts weren't wasted, I suspect that Mr Franzens ego won't let him stay quiet for long and he'll find another forum to spout his nonsense, then it's business as usual...I can't wait.

Lomra Greener said...

Please, stop using the 'f' word. It is language like this that got the comments stopped. By the 'f' word, I mean the fuhrer of CAP. He still doesn't keep his promises either.