Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Some of the new Libcon government ideas to save money seem, although I hate to admit it a lot of sense.
The scrapping of the thousands of non jobs in local government is a long overdue policy.
Jobs such as "Cheerleader development officer" and "Audience development officer" and many more should be abolished.

However who authorised these positions? Was it some overpaid bureaucrat? If so he or she should be sacked for acting in such a spendthrift way with taxpayers money, money which we are obliged on pain of prison to pay (come to that who authorised the pay rise of our Chief Excecutive's £45,000 pay rise two years ago?).
It is easy to spend other people's money especially when it is extorted by the State. In effect we have a State backed protection racket and there seems little we can do as the councillors can not or will not do anything to rectify this theft. Perhaps they are in on it and part of the problem.

Nobody in Wigan asked for Elliot Brown's position to be created, a "race equality coordinator" or some such bureaucratic title who seems to have authority over us and yet despises us as inbred.
Not much democracy there, and yet from our so called representitives (councillors) not a twitter.

Wigan Metro and councils all over the country have the methods and morals of Al Capone.
Democracy? Forget it.

Will the new government sort this undemocratic extortion racket? I hope so but I'm not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Is Elliot's job safe? Of course it is because it was created by an equality clique within Wigan MBC. However, are carers jobs safe? For sure the are not because no clique created them.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

The actual title for Elliot Brown's position at Wigan Council is/was "Hate-Crime Co-ordinator" and leading up to his ramblings on Wigantoday.net calling all the 'indigenous' locals of Leigh & Wigan "imbeciles because of the incestuous past of our forefathers and thank goodness for new blood coming to the borough" back in late 2008..was that I challenged him to tell me just how much hate-crime he coordinate - as his job description would suggest to me. I think he took it that I was having a right go at him and his ludicrous nonsensical British hating immigrant and asylum seeking loving and apologetic non-job: and I believe this is what sent him right over the edge on that one.

You can look back through the pages of this blog or even the web for Elliot Brown using the search facility at the top right of the main page.

You may also find the full 'imbecile' rant by Elliot that we saved and published on this blog at the time....if you can't find it and you want to see it just let me know!

Just one more point..will the annual donations of around £50,000 each from Wigan council's core budget in this period of severe austerity continue to be donated to the Rafiki/Motswako Project for the BME and Asylum seekers in the borough and to ByoU the local common purpose award winning group for the Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Youth Work Project?

Silly Kuffar said...

Funny, he sounds like he HATES Wiganers and the Indigenous people of these isles. Can he get himself arrested ?

Anonymous said...

Oh !

The freedom to state your opinion without the threat of " Action Being taken "

" Wigan Evening Post dictators! "
not long to last I think !

Anonymous, all three post so far, would have been deemed unsuitable
by the WEP comic.

Thank God for Wigan Patriots site.

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