Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Much has been made of the much maligned "Human Rights Act" and its relationship to the wearing of the burka.
The fact that this rights act should be maligned does not detract from the principle and justice of the concept of human rights. It is the way the concept is enacted and enforced which is the problem.

Let's break the concept down.

All people have the right to freedom of expression and movement in public places in their own country. We have the right to a decent environment fresh air and water.
All children have the right to protection, and sustenance as well as the opportunity for a decent education and equal chance to make their way as participants in society, and of course from arbitrary persecution and arrest by the State. In other words freedom.
Old people have the right, after their working days are over to a decent standard of living as have the disabled.
All these rights society has a duty to ensure and these rights should be cherished.

Now we come to other essential needs which are predicated on duty.
Food and shelter are essential for life, but the right to these involves the duty to work to provide them for people themselves and those who are not in a position to do so, either from disability, age or lack of opportunity.

The way in which the present Human Rights legislation is implemented does not guarantee those rights for the average citizen.
Criminals and terrorists often have greater rights than the law abiding. Our rights are infringed by terror laws which started as a reaction to islamic attacks and our right to walk freely in our towns curtaied by muslim groups who claim ownership to enclaves in our towns.
We are forbidden to complain about this take over of our country under draconian race laws which make making such complaints illegal as "discriminating" against these unasked for and unwanted invaders.

We are FORCED to pay taxes to support and house them while our people languish on waiting lists.
We are forced to see our towns become alien places their British character and feel swamped by this invasion from all over the world.
We are faced to pay taxes to subsidise these people who do not like us just to appease them in the hope that by doing so no more outrages are perpetrated.
We are forced to be disturbed by women walking down our streets dressed as black crows and the men in their ugly medieval garb and bearded faces.

Even Syria, a muslim country has banned the wearing of the burka as has Turkey.

Yes these people have also rights, but rights depend on not infringing on the rights of others.
And there are special rights belonging to us, the right to call this our country.
We have the right to complain at this turning of our country into a foreign land, as muslims have the right to object to our presence in their land.
They have the right to wear their funny clothes,

If they want to dress in this garb, they have the right to go to to a country where it is the norm, BUT IT IS NOT THE NORM HERE.

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