Friday, 2 July 2010


The photos below shows what this black "English" footballer thinks of England. He said that "I hate England and the F***ing people".'s Now the BNP is criticised for saying that black people are not ethnically English even though they are born here and are British citizens.
It seems that this overpaid performer with the morals of a tomcat agrees with us.
His saying that he hates the English is an admission that he does not consider himself English in spite of what the P C commentators would have you believe, as he would obviously not hate himself.
This racist outburst against the country which catered for his every need, financial and sexual will of course be ignored by the liberal "elite" as blacks can not be racist according to them.

If one who has benefitted so much from our "racist" society is so against us, how much more do those of foreign origin who have not had his priveliges hate us.
The remedy is in your hands Ashley. We are not forcing you to stay.
Why do you not go and live among people who you do not hate. You have the money, thanks to the fools who watched you play, and while you are at it take anyone else you know who does not like us.Am I allowed to say I hate Afros(I don't as a matter of fact). No, if I did I would be in court next week on racist charges.

In addition to Cole there are thousands to whom we held out the hand of friendship and helped who also hate us. This country, OUR country will never be united when people such as these continually colonise us.

My message to all these English haters--
LOVE US but if you don't LEAVE US! We're better off without you.


Lanky Patriot said...

An afterthought. It seems that all Africa is supporting Ghana against Brazil in the football.
Is this not evidence of racism?
Are we in order always to support white European teams?, no that would be racism but not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

As, Nick Griffin, always says,

" Racism Works Both Ways ",

but only for some.

Silly Kuffar said...

Hey don't forget the Arch Black Supremacist, the RACIST DIANE ABBOTT.