Friday, 30 July 2010


I read muslim brides to be are having their hymens repaired before marriage on the NHS to "restore" their virginity so that they will bleed on their "first night"
Muslims are obsessed with sex. That is why their women must wear the veil (some may be just ugly of course). In many countries women are not allowed out without a male relative, presumably because they fear that men will be overcome with lust and unable to control themselves.
Women who succumb to sexual temptation are liable to be stoned to death. How civilised, a true indication of a modern educated society.
It seems that if a bride is not considered to be a virgin it brings disgrace on her family and she could possibly be killed to preserve the family honour. Some honour!

So because of this the NHS is paying for this restoration of virginity, or at least the semblance of purity enough to satisfy the parents of the groom who inspect the bed sheets the morning after.

If these people want to go through this charade I have no objections but I DO OBJECT TO PAYING FOR IT. They should have it done privately but not at our expense.
Nowadays the NHS is considering delaying "non essential" operations such as varicose vein surgery when delay can result in ulcers and a lifetime's disability. Cancer drugs are being denied,nursing numbers cut while these non medical proceedures still carried out.

The trouble is this religion and the threat to women unfortunate enough to be born into it.
But the answer is to clamp down on the cause, islam and not deprive our people of necessary tratment because of it.

The benefits of diversity!


Silly Kuffar said...

Maybe Allahs running out of Virgins.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Additionally, there will be up to 2000 British Muslim (sic) schoolgirls who throughout these summer holidays will endure FGM...Female Genital Mutilation. Basically, where the clitoris is hacked off and the girls are then sewn up so they can just about pass urine.

"Nahld Toubia, MD, a physician from Sudan and assistant clinical professor in CSPH's center for Population and Family Health states: "Female circumcision is the physical marking of the marriage ability of women, because it symbolizes social control of their sexual pleasure-- clitoridectomy--and their reproduction - infibulation.... and most circumcisions take place on girls who are four to ten years of age".


"FGM societies have many claims of why this procedure should be done and these are as follows:
1)In most FGM societies one important belief is that this procedure will reduce a women's desire for sex and in doing so will reduce the chance of sex outside the marriage. This is vital to this society as her honor for the family is depended on her not to be opened up prior to marriage.
2)Some view the clitoris and the labia as male parts on a female body, thus removal of these parts enhances the femininity of the girl.
3)It is also believed that unless a female has undergone this procedure she is unclean and will not be allowed to handle food or water.

There are plenty of youtube etc...videos on the subject.

I wonder why the fascist left and feminist are very quiet on this subject?

Anonymous said...

Ms Fran McCaul,

feminist, fascist left, UAF, MEMBER.

WHY, very

quiet on this subject?

to busy, entertaining Mike Tyson

USA Boxer and Rapeist at the

Special Needs School, that employ

you, shame on you.

poppy said...

what a rediculous waste of british tax payers cash on these islamic whores and slags

poppy said...

what a rediculous waste of british taxpayers on these islamic whores and slags

Andy said...

For a full ongoing list of Muslim horrors in society have a look here:

It seems to be pro-EDL but its in just about every European language and reports on all the European news.

Lomra Greener said...

Amazing what you can do with cling film and super glue!