Friday, 25 June 2010


This anonymous email has been making successful rounds in the German-language blogosphere for a couple of months now. It serves as a strong reminder of how Western tolerance of the intolerable will show Western culture and civilization its limits - and, perhaps, its end.

Want to really experience something? Have a real adventure? Then get ready for a journey you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams.

So: Travel illegally to Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, or Syria. Don’t worry about visas, international laws, immigration regulations or other silly rules.

As soon as you have arrived, demand that the local authorities provide you and your family with free medical care.

Insist that all employees of the health agencies speak your language of choice -- German, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, English, Polish -- and that the clinics where you may be admitted prepare food for you just as you have it at home, in Germany, Greece, Spain, Hungary, USA, Poland.

Insist that all forms, questionnaires, and documents be translated into your language.

Reject any criticism of your attitude by stating emphatically: “That has to do with my culture and religion. You understand nothing about it.”

Categorically maintain your original identity. Hang the flag of your Western country in your window. (And don’t forget a bumper sticker for your car.)

Make sure that you speak only your own language at home and that your children do the same.- - - - - - - - -
Demand uncompromisingly that Western culture be taught at music schools.

Make an immediate and unconditional demand for a driver’s license, a residence permit and whatever other paperwork may occur to you.

Regard the possession of these documents as justification of your illegal presence in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey or Syria.

Let no one discriminate against you. Stand on your legal rights. Demand a child-care allowance.

Drive without insurance. Only the natives need that.

Organize protest marches against your host country and its residents. Support violence without exception against non-whites, non-Christians, and the government that allowed you to enter the country.

Insist that your wife (or wives, even if you have meanwhile acquired four of them) wear neither a veil nor a burka.

Let us know how you get on.



Silly Kuffar said...

Damn MOrg, I was just going to put that on here. =(
BTW have you got a lift sorted ?
If not get the bus to mine in the morning .

thelunaticarms said...

Very apt. Sadly.

I'm sketching my own little plan and try annexing my own little part of our Blighted Isles. With Her Majesty's approval of course, surely we wouldn't miss a little piece of land along Her coastline?

Sedition, rebellion or emigration look look more preferable every passing day. Democracy hasn't worked considering all the scams and crimes our political muppets commit yet still they're voted in. So surely we should all do our utmost to jump on the boat so to speak.

To elaborate on deMOCKracy before I'm called a Dr Evilesqe fascist - Too many special interests and, I say the next with great sadness, idiots have the vote.

150,000 public sector workers in South London alone for the love of God! 31% of the working age population are directly employed by the State. And that is probably more in reality due to the fact the 16-21 'kids' are in college and classed out of the workforce and agency working is rife. I shiver to think about the contract and kickback side of things.

And alas, with a heavy heart. allowing the feeble minded to pick their favourite colour, or, "'ve seen 'im in the streets", and you know who I mean, those poor souls that are still working out the Earth isn't flat, well, it just isn't cricket.

Then again, nothing is when it comes to Governmental dictates.