Thursday, 3 June 2010


On the news tonight we saw the welcome given to the English football team by the "Rainbow Nation"
For such an example of racial harmony I would have expected a more "diverse" welcoming party.
There was not a single white person in the group. Do the white population have no input into this charade?, or are they too busy running the country or have they left?

Of course this would have not have been allowed here as it would not have reflected our pride in our multiculturalism and possibly ethnic quotas would have been imposed to ensure that enough ethnic minorities (non English) were present in the welcoming party. Maybe even a larger proportion of non English participants than in the general population would have been included to demonstrate our (or our totalitarian government's) commitment to diversity. I'm sure this would happen. Most of the commentators on TV are ethnic minority even now.
Possibly "diversity"does not matter in South Africa, or possibly all non Africans have taken the sensible option of leaving that country for civilised countries such as Australia after seeing the anti European racist violence visited on their neighbours in Zimbabwe and the consequences of that policy.

Just a comment. I don't care either way, about the football or the country.

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