Tuesday, 8 June 2010


If anyone has read the articles damning New Labour you will understand what I am thinking.

"Ed Balls has been compared to maverick right-wing MP Enoch Powell after calling for immigration to be drastically restricted.

The Labour leadership candidate caused controversy by insisting that free movement across the European Union should be stopped.

He also accused former boss Gordon Brown of making a 'mistake' by ignoring concerns over immigration policy.

But Education Secretary Michael Gove said Mr Balls had managed to 'outflank' the Tory leader to the right on both immigration and Euroscepticism, ' something not done since Enoch Powell was in this House'."


"More than 1.1million jobs - half the total created under Labour - were taken by immigrants who could have been refused work permits, it emerged last night.

The total outstripped the number of new jobs gained by British workers by two to one, according to the first independent parliamentary analysis of the New Labour years.

The non-EU migrants were handed the work permits despite there being hundreds of thousands of Britons out of work - many of them young people struggling to find employment."


"Ed Balls, the former Schools Secretary, had me choking on my tea yesterday morning. He admitted in an interview that he had got it wrong over immigration.

Yes, letting in four million people under Labour might have been the tiniest mistake, he suggested.

You have to admit that losing an election - and fighting a leadership contest - does wonders to a politican’s willingness to listen and learn.

Labour’s immigration policy, he continued, had led to the British worker having to accept lower pay and worse conditions. "

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Now, we have been told thet "LIFE CHANGING" cuts are to be introduced and will last for generations.

1.1 MILLION JOBS given to Immigrants who should have been refused an removed.

Immigrants were given jobs at a rate of 2/1 they get 2 Jobs for every one job we get.

Schools will be closing, Hospitals will be closing, Police stations will be closing.


The INDIGENOUS POPULATION are getting angry, slowly but surely and that anger will build into resentment, hatred and rage. And what do you think will happen then ?

They will flock to us in their MILLIONS. We have to be ready to exploit every opportunity that arises. Start now, Get into local housing groups or neighbourhood committees etc now. Get active and involved in any associations which work in parternship with councils and have residents as board members . Use your influence within these groups to get things done. Then we have results to show the electors that we ,BNP, get things done even when not in power

You should all be getting a "COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE REVIEW". Read that and get back to me if you fancy volunteering for any of the Community and Neighbourhood positions available to us. Ring me on Tony on 07963364319.

And we decide the best way to go about this. But take this SERIOUSLY.

We may never get a perfect storm like the one that's headed this way again, but this storm is POLITICAL and we must be organised enough to take advantage. Build our knoweldge up of how our Council works, what we as BNP members can do to influence the decision making in the Council or in bodies that are semi-independant of the council.

Are you up for it? We may have a chance to regain our Country back in the next 3-5 years. Lets use that time to good effect. Support our communities, get into decision makin positions on local tenants councils etc.

If your interested please contact Tony on 07963364319.

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