Tuesday, 29 June 2010


It seems Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail must have heard my talk in Blackpool last night when I queried the way in which the draconian cuts proposed for the public sector would be implemented.

The gist of my talk was that the people who would be implementing the cuts would be the same people who should be cut but would do the cutting. I said that they would be unlikely to cut their own cushy jobs.
The unions and labour Party always talk about cuts in front line services, nurses police men etc but never the senior and middle management.

While nurses, dustmen, police officer numbers would be slashed chief executives and chief police officer jobs would remain.
Also protected would be diversity officers, smoking cessation officers, health and safety officers, trading standard officers( who know little and spend much of their time monitoring pubs flouting the no smoking policies or offences against the metrification laws) community cohesion co ordinators (note how all these non jobs are either officers or co ordinators) etc.
Meetings and "workshops" often organised by private companies in expensive locations always seem to escape scrutiny and are of doubtful value if any and are never mentioned.

In today's paper someone has been appointed at £1000 per day to find ways to cut the NHS budget, while the chief of ACPO says thousands of beat officers will be cut. The cheifs of police lately have seen fit to send members of "The Gay Police Association " on foreign jaunts at public expense to show solidarity with continental gay police associations.
Money is no object when spent on these pet projects by those in control while the services we expect are cut.

Cuts will have to be made but they should not be made in those areas which are deemed necessary by the paying public.

We can cut costs easily by scrapping these non jobs but those in control have a vested interest in preserving their PC (and Common Purpose) projects (how about scrapping this organisation?)

What is needed in each department is a mature hard headed ex industry middle manager on about £50,000 per year to go through these overstaffed institutions like a whirlwind, starting at the top and clearing all the deadwood in the upper and middle echelons while striving to protect the services the people want.
That way we could have our cake and eat it, improved services and lower taxes.

That would be the way for us to have value for money but watch. It will never happen and those sevices we value most will be cut.
Those with power and influence have too much to lose, and Littlejohn will still call my views "odious" even though his article agreeing with my points hit the news stands after my talk.

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