Wednesday, 2 June 2010

ComRes / Independent : 78% back more proportional electoral system

ComRes / Independent : 78% back more proportional electoral system.

"Public opinion is split on whether a coalition government is better for Britain than an outright win and voters are unsure what the Liberal Democrats stand for since the formation of the coalition, according to a ComRes poll for The Independent.

The poll shows 65% of people agree it is difficult to know what the Liberal Democrats stand for since they joined the coalition with the Conservatives and three quarters (72%) agree that the political horsetrading which followed the inconclusive General Election result showed that an outright win is much more desirable than a hung parliament"

Interesting News. I think we should push PR in a big way and that the "Alternative voting system" be consigned to the bin.

If we had of had PR in the Last General and Local elections we would have had quite a few MPs (not sure how many) and plenty of Councillors. We must start pushing for PR to be implemented in National and Local Government.

With 78% of those questioned answering yes to PR you must ask why, why now ?
Have they been given the wrong Government by Camerkaze-Klegg ?
Did the Electorate vote tactically just to get New Labour out of power ?
I think they did, and as they also never gave a mandate to the ConDems none were wholly trusted by the electorate to create a Government suitable to take on the issues and the hard line stance on Immigration, the Massively Massive Budget Defecit, Afghanistan, Illegal Immigrants already here, the 1000s of Bogus Asylum seekers etc.
They could have voted for us, but they didn't.
They voted tactically to get New TREASON Labour out.

Now the Coalition of the Odd is begining to lose it's flavour and some of it's most important personell, all within two weeks. We have the Big unions calling for and threatening more strikes which can only harm our depleted and defunct economy even further over the biggest reduction cuts in Public Services in History. With the ConDems working hard to stay together to get a package of Tax rises and even more cuts to our already at breaking point infrastructure things are looking bleak. Another Charles Dickens will emerge from all this telling the stories of Squalor, Deprivation, the High and Mighty living it up whilst the rest of us, the Poor go back and shake hands with Mid-Victorian Britain and it's appaling deprevation and squalor. Charles Dickins' Oliver is already being re-enacted upon the streets of England but with East Europeans as your Fagins, Dodgers, Bill Sykes and Olivers.

Within the next 12/24 mths, maybe even less, unless by some miracle that the ConDems manage to pull it off and keep their coalition going, then another General Election will not be too far away.

We need to take advantage and use this time wisely, keep pusing our message, don't slow down, if we all pull together we can and will make positive changes which will put us in good stead for the General Election that's soon to come, but we must DEMAND PR In Local and National Government NOW. Refuse any mention of an "Alternative Vote System".

Our best chance of gaining real power will happen within the next five years and we must start to maximise on the gains which we made in both the General Election and Local Elections here in Wigan. What could we have acheived with PR ?


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