Friday, 21 May 2010


Last week the Greater Manchester Police flew the flag of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender over their headquarters. Is there a flag to celebrate the majority of people who do not fall into these categories whithout whom the human race would not exist and to whom all those "celebrated" on this mediocre symbol owe their existance?
I think not. I have never heard of one.

One flag I HAVE heard of is the Cross of St George.

This flag, a symbol of our English nationality, it has been decreed by the Stalinsts of Wigan Metro, can not be displayed in any form on taxis licenced by them. Displaying it even as a statement of support for our football team could result with the driver losing his licence and thus his livelihood.

The contempt these PC drones hold our people and nationality is despicable.
How could displaying our national flag be offensive to any one but an alien or a traitor?
Am I allowed to be offended? Well allowed or not I AM offended.

I am offended at the continual downplaying of my culture and flag and the promotion of causes with which I have no empathy.
It is said that offensive behaviour can cause anger and retaliation. Well that can cut both ways and someday we will be able to display the depth of our offence, If this destruction of our identity is not reversed the English people's anger and retaliation against those responsible will not be containable.
I don't want this but--YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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