Saturday, 29 May 2010


Just got back from Cockermouth having discussed with Clive Jefferson our plans for our future push. While there I read in yesterday's Daily Mail the horrifying revelation shown below. How can our small country absorb all these people most of them from alien cultures? How can we provide the infrastructure and houses for them without destroying our country. How will we feed ourselves in future?
The headline shows the magnitude of our task and it's importance to the future of our country.It will encourage our party members to continue our struggle to save our land.

YES WE DID WELL in the elections nearly trebling our vote, but it is not fast enough.

As most of the immigrants have large families it is evident that within 30 years we will be in a minority and no longer able to assert our rights in a democratic way in our own country. Even now when immigrant numbers are not the majority they are pandered to in order to placate them and massive voter fraud has been uncovered.

We of the British National Party campaign for our rights and freedoms through the ballot box in spite of the violence and electoral fraud directed against us.
We do NOT condone the violence of the EDL preferring debate but if this onslaught of people and anti British legislation continues violence WILL increase as people's frustrations boil over.

If the politicians in power give our party fairness a solution could be brought to this looming disaster. If however we, as the voice of reason are not heeded and the rapid invasion of those of different cultures and norms continues street fighting and civil war beckons.


APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKS as Neville Chamberlain found, and as Churchill said--

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Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Lanky - I have yet to see the EDL instigate any "violence" certainly at this stage anyhow; it's always been those lovely "anti-fash" types you know the sort Franzen - Hall et al: but totally agree that further appeasement of the Muslims and ignorance of the indigenous will result in huge troubles!

Just watching the EDL demo right now live in Newcastle!