Monday, 3 May 2010


I can trace my family back in the Wigan area for over 400 years. To me Wigan is more a religion than a place on a map.I belive our town and people played a crucial role in the creation of Britain's wealth and I am proud of my family's part in it.
Of course the people often paid the price of industrialisation and the poverty of unemployment, poor conditions and death and injury at work. As well Wiganers including members of my family fought with distinction in two world wars to preserve our land from invasion by barbaric alien cultures. Now we have an invasion without a fight and are being colonised and our society and traditions marginalised. Before long if this continues we will be foreigners in our own land.
Unfortunately the Labour Party (of which I was once a member and councillor) has lost its roots. Our town has been used by the Labour Party as a safe seat to parachute people from elsewhere who would toe the party line and become "lobby fodder" in Parliament. Being a safe seat we could be safely ignored while assets were diverted to marginal constituencies. The Tories meanwhile knowing they had little chance punished us for voting Labour, the result being that our town has been starved of investment causing possibly the worst traffic system in England.
Owing to the disasterous policies started under Margaret Thatcher and continued by Labour much of our manufacturing has been lost not to mention our once thriving coal industry. The latter asset vandalism has sterilised at least 1000 million tons of coal in the South of Lancashire and we are net importers of energy for the first time in our history.
The local council encourage " industrial units" (sheds) to be built while many lie empty covering our scarce green belt with no benifit to jobs. Our young people often have little prospect of finding a meaningful job or even training, a task not helped by poor education and the lack of apprenticeships.
What jobs there are are poorly paid and usually filled by immigrants which Labour allowed in TO KEEP THE COST OF LABOUR DOWN!, thus making l;arger profits for their friends in the City.
House prices have risen to the extent that people are unable to get on the housing ladder and in social housing prority is given to immigrants.
And now we face an economic disaster caused by the greed of the City of London and the banks.
They are bailed out of course while stuggling businesses which do create jobs are starved of capital.
The three main parties did not see this coming BUT THE BNP DID and predicted it years ago.
The reason I stand under the banner of the BNP is that our party will always put Britain and its people first. We will come out of Afghanistan, the EU and halt immigration. These three measures alone will halve the deficit and enable us to increase pensions.
However if in the unlikely event that there were ever to be a conflict of interest between Wigan and our party, Wigan would always come first.
I would never stand in any other area. My loyalty is to Wigan alone. I am against nobody whatever race or creed. I am just FOR WIGAN. I have been asked in the past to stand for other areas but have refused.
I will never cheat the people of Wigan indeed as I can afford to do so I would do the job for no salary.
I stand under the BNP banner for the interests of Britain BUT ABOVE ALL I STAND AS A WIGANER FOR WIGAN.


Durotrigan said...

Good luck Charles! I'll be awaiting your result with interest.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Charles!

Not forgetting our local candidates.

Shaunantijihad said...

Good luck brother!