Thursday, 20 May 2010


We speak and behave as if we are the only people in Europe who has problems with the Human Rights Act. We also speak and act as if we are the only country in Europe that has problems with the E.U. In fact, all individual European countries have E.U. etc. related problems. We only talk about the problems we have, so we tend to think it's always us against 26 other countries. Other countries talk and behave the same way - they each only discuss their own problems, and so tend to think it is THEIR country against 26 others (and in those cases we are one of the 26 ... if you see what I mean). See how the E.U. institutions have all the European countries divided up on the "Divide and Rule" principle? It really does work, but only where a compliant media is with the E.U. right across Europe. Contrary to popular opinion, the media DOES discuss problems (occasionally) relating to the idea of a united Europe, but they are very careful to discuss those problems in ways that makes it seem as if the rest of Europe is united on something, and that it's WE who are the awkward sods. The media in all E.U. countries does this - speak as if only THEIR country is the one with problems.

Take the Human Rights Act - given the current furore about the Paki terrorists recently released without even supervision, and not even deported because some silly bugger in a wig says it will violate their "human rights" if they are deported. Makes it sound as if only WE have problems over this Act. Not so! Have you read about this problem with the Human Rights Act that they have in Germany in any of your newspapers? Or heard it discussed on the lobotomy box?

Have a read - two pages of discussion on a German problem over it that you wont read or hear about in anything other than the German media. See how the "divide and rule" principle works? Click the blue for the article.

Read how countries tie themselves up in knots adjusting their domestic legislation in order for it to comply with E.U. legislation. We do it too - indeed, all 27 E.U members do it without ever getting together and discussing how the E.U. legislation itself can be adjusted to save all that individual-nation trouble - the same trouble everyone else has too. And maybe just do the job once, instead of doing the same job 27 times. But that would be far too sensible wouldn't it ... and the E.U. doesn't work like that. "Sensible" is not a concept on the E.U.'s radar screen.

So no great discussion about this Act in the E.U. parliament because everyone thinks that it's only THEIR country that has a problem, and no one wants to appear to be the awkward sod who is out of line with everyone else. This happens over almost everything E.U.-related you can think of ... no one wants to think their country is being the awkward one who will ruin harmony if they speak out.

So, serious problems that all countries share in one way or another never get discussed because of this divide and rule principle. And the E.U (not the same as "Europe") just sails on without a care in the world.

Do you think we're the only country with a mass immigration problem? Or at least the only country with a COST of mass immigration problem? We talk about it as if it's only us. I'll take a look at the Dutch experience next post.

Think about it.


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