Monday, 12 April 2010


I grew up in WW2 in a strong Tory family but from a young age could see the injustices in the system.
Before 6 am we would be woken with the clatter of the clogs of the miners going to work in the local pit and during the day I often saw men crippled by pit accidents.
Because of my concern at this injustice I was nicknamed Lenin or a revolutionary.

In my twenties I joined the Labour Party to try to redress some of these wrongs. However I soon found that the power of the marxist unions was paramount, and bent on the destruction of our industries. I therefore joined the SDP, a party I hoped would bind the country together for the common good. When they joined with the Liberals who believe in nothing of course I left. I was then out of politics for many years, increasingly unhappy at the way the country was going but feeling there was little I could do.
Then I heard Nick Griffin and found the BNP and felt my prayers had been answered.
My time has increasingly taken up with what I see as my vocation and duty to my children

Strange that somebody with my political history would be a supporter of "an extreme right wing party", especially that I am still on the Left by inclination.


Immagine a treasured family heirloom, maybe of value, maybe not, but of great sentimental value. An article which had been gained at great cost by your ancestors and which you loved.
Then say a member of your family sold it without your consent even for more than its value and then invited the buyer to live in your family home , make the rules and prevent you from complaining

You would NEVER forgive him whatever he got for it.

That is what the other parties have done. They have sold our treasured heirloom, our island for "twenty pieces of silver" without our consent. It was never theirs to sell. It belonged to all the British people.
That is why I will not forgive them, but someday WE WILL REGAIN OUR RIGHTFUL HERITAGE which was earned and built by our forefathers.

THAT IS WHY I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THE BNP, the only party which speaks for us.

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Dr Chris Hill said...

Hi Charles,

Apart from your final comment, I agree 100% with your analysis of the last 65 years of our history.

Chris Hill