Friday, 16 April 2010


As you know I take a keen interest in politics, I must do otherwise I would not be doing this blog.
The much awaited televised debate last night turned out to be even more boring than I thought, so boring that I fell asleep half way through, a first for me in a political programme.
The three lightweight leaders waffled on with their usual platitudes while failing to answer any serious questions.

On immigration there was no mention that it must STOP if we are to remain a British country and not become a minority in our own land.
If occasionally we need a foreign expert he could come on a work permit and go home when his job finished.
Talk about reducing numbers and counting them in and out misses the point.

They talked about the NHS and how immigrants were important to the running of the service.It didn't say much about decades of Labour and Tory education when they seem unable to train care assistants, nurses and doctors, but Africa can?

The claim by Brown that you could get for the first time a GP appointment in the evening is laughable and shows how far he is removed from reality.
When I was working we were always available from 8 AM until 8 PM and had Saturday surgeries. Now we must rely on foreign doctors with little English and dodgy qualifications.

Clegg on class sizes says they want to reduce them to under 20.
When I was at primary school we had 35 per class in old buildings were well taught with good teachers and DISCIPLINE.
It's not the buildings or class sizes but the teachers and discipline which count most.
Cameron stating that his children go to state schools, (yea for now) and the best ones he can find, not the local "bog standard" local comp that most have to put up with.

On the economy no real mention on how to cut the deficit to a meaningful degree. No mention of the cost of illegal wars, the EU ,the spiralling cost of foreign aid and asylum.
He thinks increasing National Insurance is putting into the economy. No Gordon, you are NOT the economy. Leave the money in people's and industries pockets. These are the REAL economy
and what we need to pull us out of the mire he has created. Higher taxes stifle the economy.
Clegg's "idea" to cut taxes for the low paid is old BNP policy.

I did hear Clegg say that he would scrap our nuclear deterrent saving £2.5 billion per year.
Does he not realise that is the reason we fear North Korea and potentially Iran? They are or will be nuclear powers. A nuclear deterrent is a last resort, hopefully never to be used but an insurance policy against those who would attack us.

I'm sorry I can't go into more detail about this uninspiring "debate" as I was dozing most of the time and then fell asleep.
Who needs sleeping tablets when these three stooges are on telly.


Lanky Patriot said...

Just a comment I did not make in the article.
Clegg kept saying "I want change".
brown kept saying "I agree with Nick Clegg"
So who's lying?
How can you have a man who has been in power for 13 years and wants to continue in the same disasterous way agree with a man who wants change?

It just shows how phoney these politicians are.

There needs to be a REAL change and that will only come with the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I can only state in my humble opinion, what phonies, the band of Brothers, Brown, Cameron and Clegg are.

Peas in a Pod,

It is sickening, to see Cameron following a Boy Band singer around a school.

Brown, following a Cross dressing Freak, Eddie Izzard, hanging on his every word.

When I see the above antics, it is plain why they are so afraid of the Truth Party BNP Nick Griffin,
getting any media coverage.

The BNP just need to spread the word and truth, and encourage people their vote for BNP does matter.

The three phonies are just so
media created freaks, they are not in contact with Joe Public, the BNP are.