Saturday, 10 April 2010


They still don't get it do they?, or do they?

After nearly a week campaigning the three "big" parties have not touched on any issues important to the people of Britain.
The Tories have promised to reverse some of the proposed increase in National Insurance and an endless debate continues how to save the supposed few billions this would cost.
I don't like to say it but I agree with the Tories.
National Insurance is a tax on jobs and in my opinion should be reduced much further giving money to businesses and workers rather than having it squandered by the government.

How to pay for it? Easy, come out of Afganistan and stop foreign aid some of which goes to China.
No mention of these options and we have not touched on waste such as the £ 40,000 to be spent on discipline at Hawkley Hall school.
A cane would sort this out at no cost.
Or the 5 a day fruit and veg coordinators who have been shown to have had no effect on the consumption of vegetables and fruit, and the multitude of non jobs we currently support with our taxes and council taxes.
Why do these parties not speak about these things.

The latest Tory idea is to give married couples £3 per week as an encouragement.
I believe in marriage but can they not think of things more important or relevant to our people?

Immigrants taking most of the new jobs,
Young people unable to get jobs,
Our soldiers being killed in an illegal war,
Industries closed and relocated abroad,
Housing going to immigrants rather to people who BELONG here and whose families have paid taxes all their lives.
No go areas in our towns where English people fear to go.
Crowded streets and inadequate infrastructure because of increased numbers of people.
Our children's education suffering because of an influx of foreign children who do not speak English and often bring diseases like TB with them

I could go all night but none of these issues have been discussed, instead they waffle on about a billion here and a billion there.

For God's sake we as a country owe more than a TRILLION pounds, and nobody mentions that.

I think this silence is because they have no answers to the problems because whatever they say they caused them.

The BNP has the answers, Come out of Afganistan, stop foreign aid and leave the EU.

SORTED Most of the budget would be paid and that is before we have started on waste.

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