Thursday, 8 April 2010


I am starting a series of articles as they come in on the benefits of diversity.
There may be times when there are intervals when nothing has been told to me but others when a lot comes in.
These are all what I have been told from people's personal experiences.
I will call these snippets of life in Britain "Tales of Diversity" copying the famous Roal Dahl's "Tales of the unexpected"

1 A foreigner goes into a crowded doctors surgery in Wigan and says, "I want see doctor"
Receptionist replies "you will have to wait 15 minutes."
The foreigner says "I see doctor NOW".
Eventually he settles down and waits and is called.
He replies "Tell doctor wait. I on phone"

2 Woman in Essex, recently unemployed after working without claiming for 29 years goes to job centre and asks about her National Insurance contributions.

Black woman says,"fill this form in".
Woman replies I only want to keep my NI paymwents up. I am not after money.
Black woman says. "ring any of these numbers on the phone over there"

After many attempts to get through she gets a connection. At the same time she hears a phone ringing near the black woman.
The phone is answered and it is a clerk near the black woman.

Question. Why did the black official not refer the British woman to the side counter?
Was she trying to humiliate the British woman who had paid into the system for 29 years?.

It seems like it.
Surely civility and cooperation would have been easier.



Dr Chris Hill said...

As a UKIP member I won't be supporting the BNP in the upcoming general election. However I do think we (UKIP) need to be fair and even-handed with other political parties.

The following statement was made by the party, earlier today, after it reinstated a parliamentary candidate (Paul Wiffen) who had allegedly made a racist comment on a website:
"UKIP is a party of real people, not career politicians. Real people sometimes make mistakes, and when they do, they should apologise."

I hope my party (UKIP) will remember this when an off the cuff remark is made by a BNP member. If they don't, rest assured, I'll be there to remind them.

It seems that supporters of more immigration can write and say what they like, and in almost any way they like, but if anyone gets a little angry and challenges them in anything but the most respectful terms, it's racist!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Chris Hill,

Go post on the UKIP, Preston site,
support Nigel ?

He had his Mansion " done up "
by Illegals.

If you cannot support Wigan British National Party, take a walk.

Do do want to be knowm as Lord Haw HaW.