Friday, 9 April 2010


Our three candidates in the General Election are pictured below. On the left is Dr Charles Mather standing in Wigan, Ken Haslam standing in Makerfield and Gary Chadwick standing in Leigh.

We will be standing on several main issues which have not as yet been addressed by the other parties. Some of them are listed below.

1 BRING OUR TROOPS HOME. We do not believe we should have our soldiers fighting an unwinnable war in someone else's country, costing the lives of our young men and thousands of Afgan people.
We have no interests or rights there and the war causes increased resentment among Afgans and muslims leading to terrorist threats here.
We understand muslim resentment at our involvement in their lands.

2 AN IMMEDIATE HALT TO IMMIGRATION. Our country is full up and can not sustain a rapidly growing population especially one with so many competing cultures.
More jobs would be created for native British people. Pay levels for the lowest paid would rise and make it pay to work and give a sense of purpose to our youth.
If foreign specialists WERE NEEDED they could come on a temporary basis but would NEVER be given citizenship, as is the case with British ex pats working abroad.

3 DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Who cost £ billions in benefits and legal fees, not to mention the pressure on housing.

4 DEPORT FOREIGN CRIMINALS. Australia and other countries do it so why can't we?

5 SCRAP THE HUMAN RIGHTS LAW. Which give more protection to criminals than to victims.

6 A REFERENDUM ON EU MEMBERSHIP. We believe we should leave the EU but continue to trade with them as do Norway and Switzerland, very successful countries, but our people should be given the choice, that's democracy!

7 STOP ALL FOREIGN AID. We are in debt and have to borrow the money we give to places such as China, a county with massive assets, India with a space programme and many billionaires some of whom own British industrial companies.

8 INCREASE OLD AGE PENSIONS. Many old people live in poverty after working and contributing for a lifetime often for little pay. If we took the measures above we could pay for an increase and cut the budget deficit at the same time.

9 IMPROVE OUR INFRASTRUCTURE. Cut out the "non jobs" in government and with the savings made renew our infrastructure and coastal defences. That way we would have a return on our investment and reduce unemployment.

10 BRING BACK LOCAL DEMOCRACY. At present 83% of our laws are made in Europe, and most of the rest are made in Parliament without any democratic mandate. We believe many regulations could and should be made locally in order to give people a more influential say in local government.

Of course ther are many other policies and the above ones will be fleshed out. They are just a part of our basic programme. I will speak on these and the others in later blogs.


Angel-of-north said...

Good luck All, Charles you've got my vote.
Onward and upward we march.

Angel-of-north said...
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Silly Kuffar said...

Re-Nationalise our INFRASTRUCTURE. The Overweight "Public Sector" can be put to some real work.

Dr Chris Hill said...

In a spirit of good sportsmanship, can I wish all Wigan candidates all the best for the upcoming elections. May the best man (or women) win, as they say.

Chris Hill